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I am passionate about helping women to make positive changes in helen leatherstheir life.

I have made some amazing decisions, and achieved some amazing things – and I plan to achieve many more. I fill my life and I love it. And you can too! So often though people, especially women, get stuck in an established way of thinking, they do things the way they ‘should’, the way they are told works, because everyone else is doing it. This can cause stress, overwhelm, and lack of flow – it’s also really hard work! When we do things the way we feel is right, we step into the flow, work with our intuition and it all becomes so much easier.  How about combining really practical tools and methods, with working in a highly intuitive way? It works for me. And having an intuitive-led life & business opens you up to the wonders of the law of attraction, allowing the magic to happen.  I can train, coach and speak for you or your company. Many more packages will be put together over the next few months and I can’t wait to share them with you. Are you a woman running, or looking to run an intuitive-led business? Join my ‘Intuitive Business Woman’  mailing list right now so I can keep you up to date.

Intuitively yours, 

Helen #livinglifeonpurpose

Helen Leathers Author
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As Featured in Soul & Spirit Magazine

Helen Leathers can’t tell you the meaning of life, but she can help you to find more meaning in your life. Helen will show you a way to be the authentic you,  to eliminate the things you no longer want or need, understand your gifts and your potential and create the life you deserve. Tapping into your natural intuitive side is the key, and Helen can help you do just that. But she’s entirely practical too! Helen is a lifelong intuitive, an author, coach & trainer, business owner and professional speaker. Helen is your catalyst for change

NEW Blogging Coaching

blogging box This package is for you if you want to:

  • share amazing stories, thoughts and more with others
  • find others in your tribe – connect through your words
  • generally be better at blogging
  • grow your online presence
  • increase traffic to your website
  • get known as an expert in your field
  • sell more
  • become the go-to person in your area
  • build an audience
  • be awesome at blogging!

Book a 121 with me (in person or via skype), or join one of my group sessions in Shrewsbury, Shropshire. Book or Find Out More Here:    

Tap Into The Magic That Is Within You

Learn To Live Intuitively – new online course coming soon

I want to show you how to live intuitively and to get in the ‘right place’ emotionally, energetically, and financially so that you too can create the life you desire.

My Vision is to help you enhance your intuition and empower you to trust in it, and believe in yourself so that you know when you’re on the right track, and are open to attracting and recognising new opportunities and possibilities.

Be happy, feel empowered, live intuitively

P.S. Feel overwhelmed? Need  some time out? Not listening to that inner voice? Can’t sleep?  Don’t Forget your FREE GIFT from me! 15 minutes of ‘me time’.

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How Can I Help You In Your Business?

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8 types of entrepreneur - wealth dynamics

Helen, your enthusiasm for the good things about life is like a beacon of light; It’s infectious; It’s powerful and you channel that enthusiasm into sound, practical advice for people who are stumbling through the darkness that their lives are in.

– Deborah Mitchell, London