3 Comments to “3 Tips for Tapping Into Your Psychic Abilities”

  1. This is brilliant, thank you very much. :)

    I loved the post. 😀

  2. I wish to improve my psychic abilities– I have had some interesting experiences in the past, [dreams where I would be in 25 years–dream was 1989], and direct advice from my spirit guide, who is erbonzarto. Recently, here in the Philippines where I live with my Filipino wife, we have had a couple of thefts. We have a suspect, but can prove nothing at this point. My psychic abilites are good when they operate, but i can’t access them now—-perhaps you could help—–don cameron

    • Hi Don, there are lots of free articles here on different ways you can improve your psychic side. Meditate, learn the basics – protection, closing & grounding, then opening up. Our book, the spiritual and psychic development workbook is available on amazon, and the psychic gym is an online course for psychic development, you can find details at

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