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Need Help To Find A Lost Object?

The most common enquiry I get through this site is for help with finding lost objects.

I’m very sorry but I am unable to help you find lost objects personally.

Why? Well the main reason is that with requests for help of this nature numbering in the hundreds, and due to the fact that I have many other business and personal commitments I am unable to help each individual personally. I simply do not have the time or energy to reply to everyone.

What I can do for you: I can however, point you in the right direction to help yourself. More Info at the bottom of this page.

Other Reasons I Can’t Personally Help Individual Enquiries For Searching For Lost Objects

1) I have made it a policy to no longer to provide personal readings or messages at all, unless prompted to do so by spirit. Why?

After many years of providing readings for others I came to the conclusion that most people (but not all) are continually looking and never actually doing anything. I found that many people return again and again (to myself and others) for readings because they wanted something to change in their life, but they themselves never actually changed anything in their life. So it stayed the same, and they stayed unhappy about it. I would rather encourage you to find your own belief system and skills to move your life in the direction you wish it to go in. I would rather each individual took responsibility for their own happiness than expecting a reader, psychic or medium to hand them a bag of happiness that would solve everything. They won’t and it can’t. Seek a path for yourself, find your skills, what you enjoy doing, what you are good at. Find a way to be at peace with yourself and discover happiness in all that you have and do. Meditation, dancing, singing, developing your own skills in whatever field you prefer whether it’s spiritual and psychic development or something else. Set yourself some goals, allow yourself to dream, aspire to something that you desire and then take some action to go out and make a difference in your life. Oh, and smile, it’s the simplest way to brighten your day.

What I can do for you: I would rather show you how you can help yourself in finding lost objects – and doing other things, and empower you to become an even better, more confident, more liberated, more independent you.

2) Unfortunately a high proportion of requests that I receive are not genuine requests for help, but from those seeking to disprove the claims of people like myself. I have no need to prove my abilities to anyone. The people I have helped over the years know what I have done for them; those whom I teach and empower through workshops, online courses and books know how I have helped them to become more intuitive, psychic, happy and content.

For a believer no proof is necessary. For a non-believer, no proof will ever be enough

What I have to do for me: While I generally know the genuine requests from those that aren’t it still takes a huge amount of time to filter through all the messages, and literally all of them tell me how they are different, and how it is essential that I help them. Personally I have to draw a line, to protect myself in all sorts of ways, psychically, emotionally and more.

I can help you through my articles books and products, but no longer personally 1-2-1. Boundaries are essential in this type of  work.

How You Can Help To Find Your Lost Object

First of all, have you really looked everywhere? Too many people look for shortcuts, make sure you have covered all angles first. Retrace your steps, and ask friends or family members who could have moved, borrowed or accidentally hidden the item.

Still not found your lost item?

The most common method of finding a lost object is through dowsing. Here is an article on how to do it.psychic development with dowsing

Still Want Someone Else To Try Looking For You?

Find a reputable, recommended local medium you can meet face to face – the connection and energy is always better that way. Try going along to a local spiritualist church if you don’t know anyone personally.