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hoe to recognise your intuitive voice

Wouldn’t It Be Funny If…? How To Spot An Intuitive Moment

Sometimes we don’t realise our intuition is speaking to us, so I want to share some BIG SIGNS to look out for, to help you recognise those intuitive flashes. I was talking to my sister last weekend and she was telling me about something that had happened at work where she ignored her intuition. It […]

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are you intuitive?

Are You Intuitive?

Whenever I’ve asked this question, Do you consider yourself to be intuitive? the majority of people I know, or come in to contact with, believe they are intuitive. Some more so than others. A minority will tell me they’re not intuitive. Of this minority, when I make further enquiries, about two thirds will admit to […]

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living int

Living Intuitively

Are You Living Intuitively? Would You Prefer To Be? A while ago I did a quick survey and discovered that the majority of people know they are intuitive, but don’t always go with their gut instinct. In most cases they regret this as their intuition is always right. However, in the survey there were a few […]

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