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Why Have A Reiki Treatment?

A Reiki Treatment Is So Much More Than ‘Healing’ A Condition I was talking to one of my wonderful friends and Reiki students about how we see Reiki, what it can do for people, and why we think people should not only have a Reiki treatment but learn how to do it for themselves.  She […]

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Learn Reiki With Helen Leathers

Why Learn Reiki?

Why Did I Learn Reiki? Just Because! I remember the weekend that I completed my Reiki 1 course. It was nearly 20 years ago but I remember it very clearly. I didn’t have a clue about what Reiki was, or what would happen on the course. I had recently finished my Reflexology training and had […]

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healing energy

What Is This Psychic Energy Thing?

What Is This Energy That People Keep Mentioning? A fundamental principle of spiritual and psychic development and of many alternative, complementary and healing therapies is that of ‘energy’. As you progress in your journey of development you will discover that everything we do is all about energy, life is all about energy, because everything is […]

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Healing Energy

Introduction To Healing – What Is It & Can Anyone Do It?

What Is Healing? There are many different methods of healing and if you spend some time online, or having a read through the myriad of books and magazine articles you may well get confused. Spiritual healing, faith healing, reiki, seichem, energy healing, ascension healing, kahuna healing, and many more. Personally I believe that they are […]

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moonstone crystals

Magical Moonstone

What Are The Qualities Of Moonstone? Moontone is a beautiful creamy white crystal gemstone that occasionally has tinges of yellows, blue or greens within it. It’s a pretty common crystal to find whether you want a tumblestone, a rough cut sample or a polished gemstone set in a piece of jewellery. As I’ve mentioned before, I […]

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