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Front cover of Help! I Think I Might Be Psychic

As A Psychic, Do You Believe In God?

It’s not just that I’m very intuitive, can see, sense and communicate with spirit, but it’s often the fact that I’m a spiritual thinker that makes people ask me the question Do You Believe In God? It actually comes up quite a lot. I think that’s because ‘God’ or Christianity are most people’s point of […]

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meditation in the workplace

3 Tips for Tapping Into Your Psychic Abilities

Are You Interested In Developing Your Intuitive Or Psychic Abilities But Just Don’t Know Where To Start? Some people know that they have psychic abilities or ‘a gift’ but are unsure about how to control and develop it. While others may think they would like to be able to ‘see the future’, be more intuitive, […]

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Psychic Development with dowsing

Can A Psychic Help You Find Lost Objects?

Whether you have a terrible memory, are disorganised, always losing things or have misplaced an object that is very special to you, you may consider asking a psychic to help you locate a lost object. Can A Psychic Help You To Find Your Lost Objects? Or Can You Help Yourself? Here I will share my […]

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