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contacting your spirit guide

I Don’t Know Who My Spirit Guide Is

Top Tips About Contacting Your Spirit Guide – Patience! A few days ago I was having a look through the reviews on Amazon for my books and CDs and I saw a really interesting one. Someone was reviewing the MP3 download ‘contacting your spirit guide’ from The Spiritual & Psychic Development Meditation Collection. They gave […]

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help people, karma is a bonus

Karma Chameleon

What is Karma? Is karma the same as fate? Is it destiny? Is it a feeling of justice having been done? Do all acts attract ‘karma’? These are some of the questions I have been asked and that have come up during discussions with others. So I thought I’d delve into the world of karma […]

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Scared? Not me!

What are you scared of?

Have you been scared off from doing something that could be brilliant? I had a strange experience this week that I hadn’t had for a long time, and it got me thinking. It got me thinking about fear. Do you get scared? Do you experience fear? There are many situations where you might, some with […]

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