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Many women get to a point in their lives where they no longer feel completely fulfilled. They may feel tired, overwhelmed, indecisive, unsure of their future, stuck in a rut, or just as if something is missing.

Life is good, but...

They may not admit it to others, and sometimes not even to themselves, but they feel they are meant to do more, that they are destined for bigger things, or perhaps just long to feel content and happy.

And they often feel guilty for feeling all of this. Ring any bells?

What's more, they're pretty exhausted as it is, just the thought of doing more is tiring.

I help women just like you to reconnect; with themselves, with who they are, with their intuition and with the magic of life.

When you start to understand energy and connection and find your purpose, life feels good again. You can feel in flow with life again watching those magical moments and marvelling at seeming coincidences.

If that sounds goods keep reading...

How Do We Do That? Well, we work together... I combine and integrate Women's Coaching with concepts of spiritual philosophy and growth, our intuitive self, and energy work. This creates a holistic blend of tools and techniques, plus changes in thinking and behaviours which help you to feel more energised, confident and empowered. Then you can then start to explore your true purpose ... It's very exciting to see life start to flow for more easily again, and the magical coincidences appearing more frequently.

Sometimes ladies lose their identity, they forget who they were before… work, children, marriage, divorce. Often they put everyone before themselves and forget that they matter too. 

Here are some of the things ladies come to me with:

  • not being listened to
  • struggling to say ‘no’ and feeling walked all over
  • Imposter Syndrome
  • playing small - wanting to step up
  • overwhelmed and exhausted
  • wanting to reconnect with their intuition or their spiritual side
  • feeling like they were meant to do more or make a change in the world, however large or small
  • something in their lives needs to change

Sometimes it can be bold and brave to be you, the real you. To have the confidence to say, “this is what I want to do, and this is the change I want to make in the world. This is the ‘me’ I want to be”. I'd be honoured to stand by your side and support you with the tools, knowledge, and inner belief and confidence to do just that.


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Helen, your enthusiasm for the good things about life is like a beacon of light; It’s infectious; It’s powerful and you channel that enthusiasm into sound, practical advice for people who are stumbling through the darkness that their lives are in.

Deb Mitchell


I have worked with Helen a number of times of the last few years, her intuitive and calm way of working creates the perfect environment for self-development.

Carol B


I wasn’t sure what to expect of Helen’s event and I didn’t know much about the esoteric side of life. But I found the work so accessible, and so practical. I came away with a greater sense of calm, and a better understanding of myself as a person.

Hollie W

Professional Musician, Social Media Trainer, Business Owner

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