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Practical Coaching With A Sprinkling of Magic

Are You Ready To Rediscover Your True Self?

Transformational Coaching for Women

Feeling a little lost, stuck or unfulfilled?

Feeling like there’s more to life? 

What If You Could Live More In Flow With Life & Trust That The Universe Has Your Back? 

The secret is being in Alignment

It’s time to reconnect and realign: with yourself, with others of like-mind, with life and with the universe. Or whatever you would like to call that huge energy out there.

Yes, sometimes it seems to send hurdles, challenges and curve balls, but at other times it feels like it’s totally on our side, sending the right people at the right times, as if by magic.

Wouldn’t you like to have more of the magic and less of the hurdles?

Wouldn’t you LOVE to feel energised, inspired, guided, connected and fulfilled every day? 

In full alignment with your true self?

Reconnect and realign

Live life on purpose

Watch for the magical messages

Get in flow with the universe

Purpose Aligned Goal Setting

Discover how to set heart-led intentions that feel right for you – and achieve them!

Better Boundaries = Better Relationships

Learn how to be true to yourself without feeling guilty!

Love Yourself!

Some women don’t know where to start with this, that’s ok, it’s the first thing I’ll show you!

Live & Work on purpose and in alignment

When you are truly being you, things fall in to place, and magic happens!

My Approach

Over the years there have been many times when I have naturally, almost magically attracted the right people and the right circumstances, and made the right decisions to help me follow my passion, fulfil many goals, build my businesses, income, and lifestyle, and to do so easily.

I recognise that every time it’s all going perfectly I’ve been mentally, spiritually, emotionally and energetically ‘in the right place’.  I’ve almost taken it for granted, it’s just how I’ve always been. I’m very matter of fact about it because, mostly, I don’t need to try. For me, it’s easy. But that’s because I have spent so many years working out how to do it, how to be connected to my inner magic! Now don’t get me wrong. I have bad days too, just like you. But, I can deliberately change my state of being and turn it around. I can create ‘the right place’ for me to be in to get back into the flow. Talking to others, I’ve discovered that they don’t find it so easy.

I want to show you how to live completely and be yourself and to get in the ‘right place’ emotionally, energetically, and financially so that you too can feel fulfilled, on purpose and in the flow.

It doesn’t happen overnight. Change can take time, but it can happen quicker than you might think. It’s a journey, one I started a long time ago, one that I’m still on. 

You can start today, and I can show you the way because I have done the legwork for you! 

It all comes down to tapping into your own inner magic. When you do that you can rediscover your true nature, find your purpose and step into flow. 

Helen Leathers


“Before I started Helen’s programme life was ticking over very nicely.  All was well but I recognised that I didn’t have much time for myself and I was putting myself last. 

As a result of this 12-week programme I have found myself.  I have created boundaries around time for me and whereas I used to feel guilty whenever I took time out of my day or week for me I now celebrate it and give myself a pat on the back

If this coaching is calling you but you don’t quite know why then I would say take a leap of faith, there will be a reason why the opportunity has been put in front of you now and based on my own experience it will all become clear as you follow the programme.”

Lisa Collins

Acupunctuist & Mum

“Helen helped me to transform in many areas of my life, going way beyond just the financial area that I’d originally wanted to work on.

I feel empowered to manage difficult situations like setting boundaries really well now. Vitally, I feel I know myself on a much deeper level now too, which is no mean feat considering all the personal development, coaching and therapy I’ve invested in over the years.

Overall, life flows much better and I have way more fun, even doing boring tasks that used to get put off until later. I feel more present for my children and they now get the very best version of their mummy more of the time.

One of the things that make Helen such a brilliant coach is her laser-sharp intuition for knowing what to say and when, and which questions to ask, all of which led me to have powerful breakthroughs and a-ha moments.”

Harriet Waley-Cohen

Speaker, Coach, & Mum

“Before the programme, I had a whole mass of vague directions from people about how to make things better. It was hard to pin down real ways to make a change. I chose to do the programme because I was desperate for change. I wanted so much to not feel terrible. I wanted hope.

I was massively apprehensive. I’m not spiritual. (actually I am but I didn’t realise) I thought it would be floaty nonsense. Actually it was so practical in solutions I was blown away.

What the course gave me was a way to be a better me. To manage myself in a way that put me first. Every week I underestimated the tools and tasks set. I did them and breakthroughs were enormous.”


Journalist & Mum

Online Coaching Resources

journalling, journaling, morning pages

The Magical Art of Writing

One of the most common tools I use with my clients is journalling. There is a magic involved in getting words out of your head and on to paper.

But there's a knack to it. 

Weekly Inspired Guidance

I always marvel at the serendipity of life. How just the right things come along at the right time.

Join me for a weekly message to help reconnect you with that everyday magic and encourage your own self-reflection.

free meditation

Don't Forget Your Free Meditation!

Sometimes our best first step is to stop.

'Stillness & Strength' is a 15 minute meditation to help you relax and unwind, & discover a stillness and strength that comes from within. 


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