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It can be overwhelming dealing with everyday life, then add in a pandemic, lockdown, homeschooling (for some), home-working,... AND you're an empath! This Action Plan has my tried and tested techniques to help you deal with the emotional (and practical) overwhelm of all of this. And I know this is just a starting point, so I'll drop you a few more tips and some background explanations too. Much love from a reformed empath! Helen x

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Rediscover Who YOU Are & Reveal What You Want From Life Now.

If you’ve been feeling a bit lost, a bit disconnected, or as though you’re ready for something new, but you’re not sure what it is, if you’re looking for more fulfilment in your life, keep reading.

Many women get to a point in their lives where they no longer feel completely fulfilled by their families, relationships, career or current goals. They may feel tired, overwhelmed, indecisive, unsure of their future, stuck in a rut, or just as if something is missing.

Sometimes ladies lose their identity, they forget who they were before… work, children, marriage, divorce. Often, they put everyone before themselves and forget that they matter too.

They may not admit it to others, and sometimes not even to themselves, but they feel they are meant to do more, that they are destined for bigger things, or perhaps just long to feel content and happy.

And they often feel guilty for feeling all of this. Ring any bells? 

If you’re a lifelong learner, love personal development, pick up on the energy of things (or would like to) and are a little bit fascinated by both science and the magical side of life, let’s have a conversation.

Clear your head and get out of overwhelm

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My Approach

I combine and integrate Transformative Women's Coaching, Spiritual Coaching, working with your intuitive self, and energy work. This creates a holistic blend of tools and techniques that help you to feel more energised and confident about who you are and what you want, so you can then start to explore your true purpose.

When you know where you want to be, and you feel like you again, the path will become clearer and the steps easier to take.

It's very exciting to see life start to flow for more easily again, and the magical coincidences appearing more frequently.

Here are some of the things ladies come to me with:

  • seeking a more purposeful way of being
  • struggling to say ‘no’ and feeling walked all over
  • Imposter Syndrome
  • playing small - wanting to step up
  • overwhelmed and exhausted
  • feeling like they were meant to do more or make a change in the world, however large or small
  • reconnecting with their spiritual side
  • something in their lives needs to change

I can help you feel more energised, confident, guided, and on-purpose, ready for the next phase of your life.

It doesn’t happen overnight. Change can take time, but it can happen quicker than you might think. It’s a journey. One I started a long time ago, one that I’m still on. 

While I write this I imagine myself standing on a path, shining a light and holding my hand out to you, encouraging you to take the next step and perhaps, allow me to walk some of your journey with you and illuminate another way to be.

Would you like to take the next step?

Helen Leathers


“Before I started Helen’s programme life was ticking over very nicely.  All was well but I recognised that I didn’t have much time for myself and I was putting myself last. 

As a result of this 12-week programme I have found myself.  I have created boundaries around time for me and whereas I used to feel guilty whenever I took time out of my day or week for me I now celebrate it and give myself a pat on the back

If this coaching is calling you but you don’t quite know why then I would say take a leap of faith, there will be a reason why the opportunity has been put in front of you now and based on my own experience it will all become clear as you follow the programme.”

Lisa Collins

Acupunctuist & Mum

“Helen helped me to transform in many areas of my life, going way beyond just the financial area that I’d originally wanted to work on.

I feel empowered to manage difficult situations like setting boundaries really well now. Vitally, I feel I know myself on a much deeper level now too, which is no mean feat considering all the personal development, coaching and therapy I’ve invested in over the years.

Overall, life flows much better and I have way more fun, even doing boring tasks that used to get put off until later. I feel more present for my children and they now get the very best version of their mummy more of the time.

One of the things that make Helen such a brilliant coach is her laser-sharp intuition for knowing what to say and when, and which questions to ask, all of which led me to have powerful breakthroughs and a-ha moments.”

Harriet Waley-Cohen

Speaker, Coach, & Mum

“Before the programme, I had a whole mass of vague directions from people about how to make things better. It was hard to pin down real ways to make a change. I chose to do the programme because I was desperate for change. I wanted so much to not feel terrible. I wanted hope.

I was massively apprehensive. I’m not spiritual. (actually I am but I didn’t realise) I thought it would be floaty nonsense. Actually it was so practical in solutions I was blown away.

What the course gave me was a way to be a better me. To manage myself in a way that put me first. Every week I underestimated the tools and tasks set. I did them and breakthroughs were enormous.”


Journalist & Mum

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