Why I Do These Three Simple Things Every Day


One of my key values, or motivations in life is ‘Connection’.

There are many aspects to this word, it is about how I connect with myself, connect with nature, connect with other people, connect with my purpose, but possibly the most significant is

Connect To Source

It is the most significant because it drives and encourages all of those other connections.

You can define source in any way you like, or call it by another name, for me it is the universe, it is the thing that we are all part of that also runs through us. It connects everyone and everything and creates wonderful patterns and synchronicity in our lives.

When we are able to connect to source we can more easily establish our purpose, whether it’s just for today, or on a larger scale.  When we connect to source we can more easily connect with our intuition

So I do these three things every day to help me connect to source

First of all, one of them is not meditation – I try to do this regularly but I cannot honestly say that I do it EVERY day. If I did, I do believe I would be even more connected!

  1. Morning Writing: The first is to write my thoughts first thing in the morning. It isn’t journalling or keeping a diary, it’s simple a flow of consciousness. It is mentioned as a tool to use in The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, but I came across it earlier this year while I was doing some personal development work with Joanna Martin through her One of Many Programmes. I tried it for a while, didn’t really gel with it, then started again and found it made a HUGE difference to my mindset each day. I just wake up in the morning, grab my notebook and write three pages of whatever pops in to my head. In all honesty, some days the pages start with ‘Write, write, write, i can’t think of anything to write, why is my head so empty…’ and then before you know it I am writing. It’s done fast and messy with no real requirement to go back and read it, but it gets all the thoughts, worries and concerns, some that I didn’t even know were lurking there, out of my head. Some days it’s just a massive to-do list, which is fine, I’d rather it was on paper than bothering my brain. I start the day more positive, and with more focus and quote often with more motivation because I am clearer about what I have to get done. (See this article for more on this type of writing.)
  2. A Card For The Day: Once I am done with three pages of writing, I then pull a card from my current favourite Tarot cards (or other set of divination cards). I write about this on fourth page, making a note of the name of the card, a rough description of it’s meaning and anything specific that it relates to. I then take a few moments to connect with it, and write down any words, phrases, or thoughts that pop in to my mind. Without fail these cards are ALWAYS relevant to my day and help me feel connected, guided, or that I am on the right path every day.
  3. Sitting In Gratitude: At some point toward the end of the day, I like to do this before I got to sleep but I don’t always do it if I leave it until then, anytime from about 4pm onwards I just take a moment (usually with a cup of tea) to sit and think about my day. I sit in gratitude for all the amazing things, people, situations and more that I have been fortunate enough to have had in my life that day. Even if it just for a couple of minutes, this always puts a smile on my face. some may call it counting your blessings, that works for me, every day there is always a blessing, however small.

Do you have habits that you do that help you connect to source? What are they? What do you do to strengthen that connection?