5 Ways to Open your Heart And Expand your Awareness

“When You Expand Your Awareness, Seemingly Random Events Will Be Seen To Fit Into A Larger Purpose.” – Deepak Chopra

If you would like to have a larger purpose, or see more meaning in life’s events, you need to work on expanding your awareness. I’ve talked about the benefits of expanding your awareness, what it means and how to start to do this in my previous posts. The first step is to open your mind and the second is to open your heart.

Open Your Heart - Expand Your Awareness

Open Your Heart - Expand Your AwarenessOpen Your Heart - Expand Your AwarenessBefore you want to know how to open you heart, you might be wondering what it actually means to have an open heart. Well, have you ever met anyone who is happy and carefree yet caring, genuine, interested in you and what you have to say, listens without judgement, accepts you for who you are and is a warm, kind person to be around? That is an open-hearted person. The chances are they also have compassion, empathy and a gentle nature.

These type of people are much more likely to be able to see multiple sides of an arguement, and be able to give you an interesting perspective on it. They will not easily buckle under life’s pressures as they seem to have a more philosophical approach to life. They tend to have an expanded awareness of life. Would you like to be more like that?

Here Are 5 Ways You Can Become More Open-Hearted And Expand Your Awareness Of Life And Of Others.

Practice Listening To Others; Really listening, not just waiting to jump in with your experiences or thoughts. Take your awareness to their words, not your thoughts. Take in what they are saying and look to ask a question about it. Or, if you can’t think of a particular question, because perhaps you don’t really know enough about the subject you could use phrases like: “That’s not a subject I’m really familiar with, tell me more / How did you come to be interested in that? / How long have you been interested in that? / What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learnt about it recently? The more you practice actively listening, the better you will be at it.

Tune In To The Energy Of Rose Quartz; This is a great crystal for opening the heart chakra and promoting unconditional love and understanding. Try wearing it as a pendant, carrying a tumblestone or meditating with it. When meditating with this crystal, try asking mentally what it has to teach you, tune in to its energies and and allow your awareness to open to them.

Appreciate Nature And Your Natural Surroundings; Green and pink are both colours associated with the heart chakra so by getting out and connecting with the green in nature you help to bring balance and harmony to your heart. By appreciating the wonderful power of the natural world your loving heart energy will expand – you are probably familiar with the phrase, ‘my heart goes out to them’, this can be because you have compassion for someone’s situation but also because you have true appreciation for the. You can do this for the natural world too when you acknowledge it’s amazing power and potential. Go somewhere that you really love to be, and love being there – let your heart go out to the natural world surrounding you.

Be Kind To Yourself; Sometimes the hardest person to show compassion and love to is yourself so give yourself a break – metaphorically and literally! Stop beating yourself up and start looking at the positive things that you do, are and have. Also give yourslef a break, run a bubble bath and take a good book and a glass of wine into the bathroom for a luxurious soak, or organise a treat for yourself, it doesn’t have to be expensive, just something that you wouldn’t normally do that is a break from the normal regime.

Visualise It; Try this simple visualisation to help open and expand your heart energy.

Find somewhere that you can sit comfortably without interruptions for a few minutes.

Close your eyes and breathe deeply for a few breaths.

Take Your awareness to your heart area – in chakra terms this is in the centre of the chest area.

Visualise a pink glow, light, or mist sitting at your heart. Inhale slowly and deeply and as you exhale imagine that this pink area expands, as though you are blowing it up like a balloon. Keep doing ths until you can imagine yourself being surrounded and eveloped in this pretty loving energy as though you are sitting in the middle of a pink cloud.

Now take 5 or 10 minutes – or longer if you need to – to visualise this pink mist or light getting larger and more powerful and expanding out in front of you from the heart and then for as far as you can see, being sent out from you into the world. You are still surrounded, there is no limit to the amount of heart energy that you can conjure.

When you feel ready imagine that the pink energy diminishes at the point that it leaves you to go out to the world. You are still surrounded by wonderful loving energy and the channel that you sent out is severed and set free to go on its way in the world.

Do this as often as you would like – perhaps daily for a while – to really appreciate the feeling and get used to opening your heart. See if it helps with the other suggestions I have made an monitor the differences that you feel and experience when interacting with other people.

A Couple Of Other TitBits To Help You Expand You Heart Energy And Your Awareness

    • Make eye contact with people you meet or pass in the street.
    • Smile at people and say hello, good morning or similar
    • Say ‘thank you’ to people
    • Count your blessings

This may seem strange to do at first but you might just make a massive difference to someone’s day and you never know what the knock on effects of that could be. Think about the live’s that could be affected by each person passing just a simple smile to another because you did it first. That should help to expand your awareness

Bright Blessings


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