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Congratulations – You’ve completed the 28 day practice.

Here are the extra resources to help you continue with the Aligned Abundance exercises on an ongoing basis

'Daily Desires' Exercise

Here you will find a PDF download that gives you space for two days on one page.

Extra Exercises

Once you’ve got used to recording all that you receive each day, why not count up how many days you receive something and write that on your worksheet.

Next month, set yourself a goal to increase the number of days you are receiving abundance and reduce the zeros on your worksheet. 

This might get you thinking about other ways you can increase your income and wealth; maybe you have a small business idea or a desire to provide a service? What can you do to take steps to increase your wealth and abundance and keep the energy flowing towards you?

Remember, we’d love to hear about your journey on my Facebook page, or in the Energy & Flow group.

'Received With Thanks' Exercise

Here you will find a PDF download that’s a bit different to the workbook. It provides a month’s worth of space to record everything you receive. There’s not much room for words, so just write in the value of anything you receive. on a day that you don’t receive anything put a ‘0’ and use the mantra in the workbook to affirm the space you are creating for receiving. 

At the end of the month put the total amount you have received in the space at the top of the worksheet and be grateful for it. 

Ready For Another 28 Days?

If you’d like to do it all again, or you’d like to treat a friend to the experience, you can buy another Aligned Abundance workbook here