Finding A Lost Object - An Intuitive Action Plan - Helen Leathers, Transformational Women's Coach, Trainer, Speaker

Kick start your intuition

Kick Start Your Intuition

For Those Moments When You Know ‘It’s Gotta Be Around Here Somewhere’ – or something similar

You know when you’ve put your credit card ‘somewhere safe’? Or you’re sure your keys are in the house? Or that you definitely didn’t throw that cookery book away? And you just feel like you’re going a bit mad because you just can’t find it? Well, your intuition can help. Some might call it accessing your subconscious mind, but there are often grey areas, and we can’t always know which it is. And actually… does it really matter what we call it if you find the thing?

So here is a quick kick start action plan for your intuition

It’s very simple – Stop, Ask & Act

This is what I find works for me 95% of the time. Take your time with Step 1 – but 3 has to be done very quickly after 2!

Step 1 – Stop – Stop going mad, stop frantically searching, stop panicking. Stop and breathe. If you have time, make a cup of tea or step outside for a bit of fresh air. Even a 30 second break to calm your mind and your body slightly will help.

Step 2 – Ask – Ask the universe, ask your god, ask yourself. Ask out loud, and with your eyes shut – ‘where are my keys?’ (Or whatever it is you are looking for.)

Step 3 – Act  – Act swiftly after asking, but don’t move too fast, remain calm, get up, or start walking around. Don’t think, just act, go wherever your body takes you, and have a look.

With practice this becomes a very reliable method of finding things. Or you might suddenly get a moment of inspiration as to where it is. The other day I did this and had a clear visual memory of putting the item in a cupboard in a completely different room to the one I had been frantically searching before.

For more on finding lost objects here’s an article on dowsing.

Your Intuition Likes Action,

but not frenetic, stressed-out activity. So you need a more calm approach.

Hopefully this will help in moments of panic! Good luck.