Are You Intuitive? - Helen Leathers, Transformational Women's Coach, Trainer, Speaker

are you intuitive?

Whenever I’ve asked this question,

Do you consider yourself to be intuitive?

the majority of people I know, or come in to contact with, believe they are intuitive. Some more so than others.

A minority will tell me they’re not intuitive. Of this minority, when I make further enquiries, about two thirds will admit to having a gut instinct, a hunch, or a ‘something feels off’ moment from time to time.

These are other words for your intuitive responses

Being intuitive doesn’t mean you always follow your hunches, it just means you get them in some way. Many of us don’t have the confidence to follow our intuition, we just don’t trust it enough – but that’s another story!

Here’s a quick quiz for you. Have you ever…

  • walked in to a room and sensed an ‘atmosphere’?
  • had a gut feeling that something was off or odd in some way?
  • insisted on something despite being told by professionals (or someone with more authority) that it is unnecessary?
  • found yourself putting something or someone off with no idea why you’re doing it, or just because of a sense of uneasiness?
  • found yourself saying, ‘I don’t know why but I feel…’, ‘I have no proof but…’, ‘I can’t explain it, it just feels…’ or similar?
  • spontaneously, or without thinking about it, and/or without good reason , changed plans or decided to do something?
  • felt drawn to wards a particular person that you don’t know, only to discover later  that you had friends, situations, work, or something else in common, or could help them out in some way?
  • had a little niggle that told you not to do something (possibly that you do on a regular basis), ignored it, and then regretted it later? (Or not ignored it and been glad!)
  • ever had a gut instinct, a good/bad feeling about a person or situation?
  • found yourself answering a question without thinking about it, and been surprised at what comes out of your mouth?

If you have said yes to at least one of these questions you are probably a little intuitive.

If you have said yes to more than one, you are definitely intuitive.

If you have said no to them all, I probably haven’t asked the right question for you! Or you may be one of the small minority yet to experience an intuitive flash.

Is Everyone Intuitive?

I believe everyone is intuitive to some degree, or at least has  the ability to be, with help.

Often when you start this sort of conversation it can run for hours, with people telling their stories about ‘the time when…’ and comparing notes. Try it the next time you’re with a group of people.

As is said in my all-time favourite film, Practical Magic, ‘There’s a little witch in all of us’.

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