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How Important Is Sleep To Your Success?

Basically, it's the best life hack to be successful, happy and healthy!As business owners, self-employed people and entrepreneurs we need certain attributes in order to be successful. These include:FocusMotivationAbility to build...

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It’s Okay to Use The ‘N’ Word – ‘No’

In order to really step things up and to make further improvements you probably need to start saying 'No' more often! Are your 'no's' a bit like this one? Full of lot's of yes's? What does this mean? Well, it means two things.Firstly there are...

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Can I Ask For Some Help?

I know someone who is struggling a bit. It's the school holidays and she is feeling pretty worn out already. She loves spending time with her kids, but has also agreed to do some other bits too, mostly for family and a few friends. She has her own business...

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Top Tips On How To Feel More Confident About Your Work

Self Doubt, Imposter Syndrome, Not Good Enough, Someone Else Is Better Need I go on?  We all get hit by the Lack of Confidence bug from time to time. But how do we get over it and feel more confident more of the time? And how do we get on without feeling...

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Top Tips – How To Get A Better Night’s Sleep

Over 30 years of sleep research shows just how important it is for our wellbeing, our emotional intelligence, our brain function, our immune system, our long term health and so much more. After giving a talk on how important sleep is, I had a conversation with a guy...

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The Magical Art of Writing

There is something about writing words on to paper. I have loved it ever since I was a child. I wrote poems and made up stories. I've always had numerous notebooks on the go with ideas, plans, stories, meditations, have finished business plans (they're less exciting)...

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How To Stay Focused & Avoid Multi-Tasking

There are so many reasons we should avoid multi-tasking and learn to focus on one thing: From adding to, or causing overwhelm, lowering our impulse control and willpower right through to being a factor in stress and anxiety and reducing our...

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Multi-tasking – Why We Do It And Why We Shouldn’t

Why is it so hard to stop multi-tasking and focus on one thing at a time? And why do people staunchly defend their need to multi-task? 'I won't get as much done and I have so much to do' Reason Number 1 - You're An Addict According to...

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Not Sure What To Do? You Already Know The Answer

Is this you: not sure what to do next? have a decision to make? feel stuck? seem to be dealing with lots of obstacles at once? Not enjoying what you're doing - maybe even hating it? I want you to ask a question. What If You Already Know The Answer To Your Current...

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