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Mercury Retrograde – Having Communication Problems?

What Is Mercury Retrograde? The phenomenon called 'mercury retrograde' occurs when, from our position on Earth, Mercury appears to be moving backwards in its path across the sky. (It's not really, it just looks that way.) Mercury is traditionally associated with...

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Why I Really Didn’t Want To Be A Coach

There are so many different types of coaches 'out there': life coach, business coach, spiritual coach, intuitive coach, success coach, productivity coach, growth coach, energy coach, confidence coach …. All different kinds of coaching. And I had done all of these in...

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Touch Isn’t Just For Our Screens

Touch is a powerful thing. There are many scientific studies into touch, I want to share the details of one of these with you. I would also like to encourage you to reach out and connect with others in a non-tech way, in a bid for more understanding and increased...

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Why Develop Your Spiritual Side?

My spiritual beliefs, and strong connection to my intuitive, spiritual side have always provided me with a strong foundation throughout my life. I've often gone after things because I had a deep sense of knowing that to do or achieve them was a part of my life plan....

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Communication is More Than Just The Words We Use

It's often said that the words we use form only 7% of our communication with other people. This comes from a study by Albert Mehrabian 197. He looked at the importance of non-verbal communication in a face-to-face situation. He concluded that the tone and body...

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Have You Ever Dismissed A Coincidence As ‘Nothing’?

  When you look for and are thankful for the amazing and meaningful coincidences in your life they show up more and more. This was a Facebook status I posted a few days ago. It was less than a week after deciding to re-read The Celestine Prophecy by...

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Joyful Coincidences

This is the easiest way I know to attract more abundance, serendipity, and contentment in to your life. Be More Joyful This week I have found myself talking a lot about bringing joy, laughter, and light heartedness in to the everyday. One of my daily messages was all...

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Intuitive Goal Setting

Last year I had a massive revelation. I thought that I had set goals throughout my life and achieved them. I was wrong. Not entirely, but mostly I was wrong. I think I had been doing 'intuitive goal setting', which feels very different. I Thought I Had Been Great At...

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Connection To Source (part 3)

How To Connect To Source There are as many ways to connect with source as there are definitions for source. Everyone has a different interpretation of source, of what it is (discussed in this article) and why you might want to connect with it . And therefore, everyone...

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