Intensive 121s

Impatient? Short on time but prefer 121 work?

Or just want super-fast results?

There's nothing like an intense hit of personal development to make a big difference quickly.

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This is a deep-dive full immersion day. It will be held in a private setting in the Warwickshire area with refreshments and lunch provided. The day will end with a light late afternoon snack and glass of fizz to celebrate your achievements and revelations.

 This is a programme incorporating  OneofMany™ tools, principles and philosophies. It is designed to:

  • help you create a major shift/transformation in an area of your life which is causing you frustration
  • let go of the habits of Superwoman (if applicable) and create better results with less push and effort
  • learn how to use a new kind of power to achieve, without burnout and sacrificing those things which are most important to you.
  • Following a V.I.P. you will also receive a one-hour follow-up coaching/accountability session.

You will also receive…

A unique profile report intrinsic to this programme that highlights your strengths and helps you understand your energy and motivations better. Plus, if required, understand where improvements can be made.

 Sometimes we have moments, or days when things seem way too much. So, as a bonus with this V.I.P. Day, I am offering a one-off 999 call /text to me that can be used anytime within the course or for 6 months after. If you feel overwhelmed or challenged by something that has come up for you during the course, just drop me a message and we will schedule and emergency call or skype (or similar) as soon as is reasonably possible.

**PLUS you will receive a special mystery gift from me **

Contact me to book, or to arrange a FREE Discovery Call to see if VIP is right for you

I have worked with Helen on a one-to-one basis several times over the last couple of years.  I return to working with Helen as I find her intuitive and calming nature creates a perfect environment for self-development.

Spending a half day with Helen has been liberating. It’s like she knows more about me than I do! I learnt some incredibly useful techniques to help move me forward and take control of my energy, tap into my intuition again and get back in alignment with what I am meant to be doing with my life.

Carol B

Counsellor & Business Owner

Today my life has been revolutionised by Helen. It made perfect sense to me to discover that many tools I’ve tried and failed with are very male in nature. It feels like Helen has given me the missing piece I’ve been trying to find for years! All the projects I’ve had on my mind or felt too big to start, are now out of my mind and outlined on my new app and ready for me to start actioning them with dates and timings scheduled.  I feel so much lighter with space in my head for once!

Romella Jones


I am happy to say that Helen opened my eyes and mind to a new way of living and I can honestly say that working with her has bought a great improvement in my life and business.

I would happily recommend her to any lady out there who wants to transform her life!

Teresa Heath-Wareing

Social Media Martketing Expert & TedX Speaker

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