Can I Ask For Some Help? - Helen Leathers, Transformational Women's Coach, Trainer, Speaker

I know someone who is struggling a bit. It’s the school holidays and she is feeling pretty worn out already. She loves spending time with her kids, but has also agreed to do some other bits too, mostly for family and a few friends. She has her own business and while she has ‘kind-of’ taken the holidays off, she has been dipping in and out of work and trying to keep in touch on social media and with clients. 

Honestly, she was tired before the summer holidays, now she is just running on steam. 

If this was your friend and she asked you to grab some bits from the shops, mind the kids for an hour or walk the dog so she could have a bit of a break, or even a sleep, would you do it?

I know that if it was at all possible I would. 

What if she didn’t ask you. Just kept going, wore herself out even more, and ended up getting sick? 

Or if she was sick and was just pushing on through making things worse.

If my friend was doing that, I’d be quite angry. I’d be upset. I’d say, ‘Why didn’t you ask for my help?’ Why didn’t you tell me you couldn’t do those things you said you would, or would rather not have gone out with us on that day when you said everything was fine?’

Imagine. I’d be thinking, how awful? I’d have helped if only she’d asked. What sort of friend am I, or does she think I am that she couldn’t even ask?

Honestly, this is just a story… an imagining… but it’s very real for a lot of ladies (and probably men too). 

When you’re feeling down, or struggling or could with some help, maybe feeling overwhelmed and just have too much on your plate, I want yoou to think about this. I want you to think… what would I think If my friend was going through something and didn’t ask for help? Then bite the bullet and make a call, send a text or even an email. Or… perish the though, pop round and see someone!

Asking for help is hard, but it shouldn’t be. Because if we thought about how often we would help others if they only asked, and how upset we might be if they didn’t, we would know we’d be heaping a whole lot of guilt on to our friends and family. 

Lord knows, ladies have enough guilt over EVERYTHING else already. So, why would we do that to them?

Ask for help, or make our friends feel bad that we didn’t feel we could? Which would you prefer? 

People love to help others when they can, please, if you’re struggling, let them help you. 

Helen Leathers

Womens Coach, Trainer, Speaker & Author

Combining a spiritual outlook, a pragmatic approach, and a sense of humour Helen seeks to help you to understand, accept and develop your true self and be the best person you can be – flaws and all.

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