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Inspiration is the greatest gift because it opens your life to many new possibilities.

Bernie Siegel

“You will be able to take the power back in your life gracefully, and function effectively without compromising your own well-being.”

Nicki Weaver

Specialist Dietician


Before I started the programme my life seemed chaotic and unmanageable; not only in my work but in my personal life too. I was in a complete state of melt down. I struggled to understand how to set boundaries and say no to people without feeling guilty. Being a people pleaser I constantly felt exhausted emotionally, physically and mentally. I felt that every aspect of my life was spiralling out of control and I was dropping the many plates that I was trying to spin all at once. I was also deeply unhappy within myself, I had very little self-love and a low self-esteem. I had allowed people into my life that seemed to drain me and I needed to take a step back and get help and this had to be from someone impartial.

I had reached a place of no return, I couldn’t carry on as I was and this gave me the impetus to approach a professional that could help me unravel all the chaos that was in my mind and surrounding me in every aspect of my life

I felt that I could trust Helen from the start without the fear of judgment or feeling alone or unheard.

My biggest results have been in my relationships. Setting boundaries was a real challenge for me and I have now managed to implement healthy boundaries with friends and family who have always been used to me being a “yes” person. I am amazed by the results as I had always feared that I would lose people if I wasn’t always available or didn’t say yes to their requests. I have learned to put my needs first as I now realise how important it is to look after your own needs, feelings and soul first before you can be there for others.

In my work life I am far more organised and have boundaries which allow me to function better and cope with the workload more effectively and produce better outcomes whilst feeling that I am physically, mentally and emotionally intact. My colleagues have noticed a difference in me and I am able to work more cohesively with them and them with me.

Understanding women’s Powertypes™ and how they fit in with different scenarios in life has helped me tremendously. It has enabled me to approach different situations with a better mind set and I have the tools to be able to develop the power types that I am not so strong in to bring about a positive impact in my life and those around me.

Life will never be without its challenges, the challenges are the same really but the difference is that since completing the coaching with Helen it is more about how I respond to situations by using the tools that she equipped me with to enable my life to be less stressful and more fulfilled.

I am now feeling energised rather than depleted and in burnout. I find joy in my life rather than having the joy sucked out of it. I no longer feel guilty that I am not “running “ at 100 miles an hours, juggling those plates that constantly spin and now I allow certain plates to drop without fear of judgment not only from myself but from others too.

I would say that if you are feeling like you are on a roundabout that is spinning faster and faster and you are afraid to get off because it doesn’t feel safe to do so, or you feel like your plates are all crashing to the floor and you don’t know which ones to save or let drop then I would definitely recommend this programme. It allows you to take stock of your life in a safe environment, where you will be listened to, shown empathy and know that you are not alone. In turn you will be able to take the power back in your life gracefully, and function effectively without compromising your own well-being.

“Life is new. Life is beginning. Life is mine.”


Journalist & Broadcaster

Midlands, U.K.

Before the program

I didn’t know how to be myself, love myself, spend time with myself. I allowed myself to be treated badly as I thought that was all I deserved.

I was so unimportant that I thought the world would be better off if I wasn’t in it.

I had a whole mass of vague directions from people about how to make things better. It was a mass of colour and hard to pin down real ways to make a change.

I chose to do the program because I was desperate for change. I wanted so much to not feel terrible. I wanted hope.

I was massively apprehensive. I’m not spiritual (actually I am but I didn’t realise). I thought it would be floaty nonsense. Actually it was so practical in solutions I was blown away.

What the course gave me was a way to be a better me. To manage myself in a way that put me first. This was very very new and frightening to start with. The prospect of being with myself for half an hour was too much.

Every week I underestimated the tools and tasks set. I did them and the breakthroughs were enormous.

Writing a journal showed me what was important. The moment I wrote that I had chosen to be alone because I could be, that I was enough was huge.

Allowing myself to be a woman. Harnessing different energies. Using different archetypes to get the best from me. MY archetypes as well…. MY queen, MY warrior, MY lover… not a generic ‘one size fits all’.

Life is new. Life is beginning. Life is mine. Life is balanced and a happier me means that every other part of my life benefits.

If you are reading this then maybe you are ready to make a change. Good luck. Be open to change and incredible things can happen.

some of my Happy Clients

"One of the things that make Helen such a brilliant coach is her laser-sharp intuition for knowing what to say and when, and which questions to ask. All of which led me to have powerful breakthrough and a-ha moments"

Harriet Waley-Cohen, Coach & Speaker


"Before I started Helen’s programme life was ticking over very nicely. All was well but I recognised that I didn’t have much time for myself and I was putting myself last. As a result of this 12-week programme I have found myself.

I have created boundaries around time for me and whereas I used to feel guilty whenever I took time out of my day or week for me I now celebrate it and give myself a pat on the back.

If this coaching is calling you but you don’t quite know why then I would say take a leap of faith, there will be a reason why the opportunity has been put in front of you now and based on my own experience it will all become clear as you follow the programme.”

Lisa Collins, Acupuncturist & Busy Mum

"In a relatively short space of time I felt like I understood myself better than ever before.

The changes I have started to make have had a positive impact in my home and work life. I would recommend Helen to everyone, she is amazing!”

Jodie Pritchard

Head of Operations 


helen leathers events

"I now have clarity. I have learned it's ok to take time out to look after myself ️

I now understand why I wasn't taking action I know what I want to focus on & I'm bursting with ideas.

I have revitalised passion for elements of what I do & know that its OK to turn away work that doesn't sit right with me.

I have the confidence to say - I am very good at what I do!"

Angie Stewart, Digital Coach For Coaches

"Helen is such a warm and genuine person, who is very generous.

You can’t help but feel inspired, when listening to her."

Zoe Tunnicliffe

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