1-2-1 Coaching

Are you a busy mum, a female professional, entrepreneur or business owner?

With such busy lives it’s natural to feel exhausted.

We juggle life, we’re pulled in every direction, & we feel guilty whatever we do.

Despite this busy-ness we often feel like something is missing.


Are you… Stuck? Overdoing it? Frustrated? Running on adrenaline? Wanting to achieve but not quite getting there? Overwhelmed? Burnt out? Tired? Unfulfilled? Under-charging? Experiencing a lack self-worth? Unable to say no? Being walked all over? Looking to improve your relationships? Feeling guilty all the time?

Are you juggling, struggling or just working REALLY hard?

"Every week things change and for the better. Most coaching talks generically and with ideas that are hard to implement but this is different. This is gentle but has been more progressive than anything else I’ve tried. It uses me…. works with me… not implemented onto me. I can see my life slow, control gained, informed choices made, and I’m enjoying my life more because of it." Vicki A. Shropshire

Whether you are overwhelmed, can’t find any me-time, or can’t quite make it work – business or relationship-wise, I can help you pull it all together.

As a certified One of many™ Women’s coach I am ‘one of many coaches’ leading the way in women’s empowerment and leadership.

If it feels as though something has to give, or change soon (it does), or if you just feel there might be another way to be (let me tell you a secret, there is) get in touch and request your free discovery call with me now. Click through here for details.

If you want to know more, or would like to hear from some of the ladies who have worked with me, keep scrolling. 

Coaching Packages

All my 121 coaching is tailored to your needs and personal circumstances; the 12 session programme can be scheduled weekly or fortnightly to fit around your schedule. You will be provided with resources, support and accountability throughout our work together.

121 Coaching is available in person in the Warwickshire area, using video calling (Skype, Zoom or Facetime), or over the phone.

A follow-on programme or ongoing accountability is popular with many clients once the initial programme is completed to ensure ongoing success and transformation.


75 minute Laser Coaching

Have you got something on your mind? Would you like to run it by someone, say it loud and see how it sounds?

Quick, concise, solution-focussed and caring. This is a one-off session to help you with a specific challenge.

contact me on the form below to book your laser coaching session.

‘Inspired’ Womens Coaching

A 12-session transformation programme based on the tools and philosophies OneofMany™. It is designed to help you create a major shift or transformation in an area of your life which is causing you frustration, let go of unhelpful habits and create better results with less push and effort, learn how to use a new kind of power to achieve, without burnout and sacrificing those things which are most important to you. 

You will also receive a unique profile report that highlights your strengths and helps you understand your energy and motivations. Read more here or get in touch with the form below.

Full Immersion V.I.P. Day

A deep-dive full day immersion into your challenges using coaching and other techniques including visualisations and transformational exercises.

You will experience powerful breakthroughs and leave with an action plan to move forwards on the personal or business issue that needs urgent, focused attention.

Find out more here or use the form below to get in touch.

Time & Energy Management For Busy Women

This is time management with a difference!

You will leave with a new philosophy on time management, and a fresh outlook on how to get things done. (And I’ll help you to understand procrastination and why it sometimes might be a good thing.)

Available as a half day intensive or a course of 4 sessions. Click through here to find out more or use the form below to book your time and energy manage management coaching.

What To Do Now?

You don’t need to decide what you’d like to do right now. Let’s have a chat about what you’re looking for and why you’re thinking about coaching.

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What are you most drawn to?

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Meet Lisa, Acupuncturist, Business Owner & Supermum

She went from putting herself last, to comfortably asserting herself, and establishing her self-worth – guilt-free!

Before I started Helen’s programme life was ticking over very nicely.  I am celebrating 10 years of practice as an acupuncturist this year with a second network marketing business running alongside it.  All was well but I recognised that I didn’t have much time for myself and I was putting myself last.  As a therapist I was aware that there was the potential that if I didn’t start looking after myself there was a risk I might go into therapist burnout and so intrigued I decided to follow the programme.

My biggest challenge was learning to trust my business and the way I do things to a coach and to give up controlling how I do things and to be open-minded to take on new ways of organising my life and work.


As a result of this 12-week programme I have found myself.  I have created boundaries around time for me and whereas I used to feel guilty whenever I took time out of my day or week for me I now celebrate it and give myself a pat on the back, I now see my time as essential and well earned.  I now value my time and my skills.

All of the tools Helen has given me are invaluable, but I particularly like Soft Play, gratitudes and Overwhelm First Aid.  Helen’s meditations are amazing and very powerful and I love her Daily Affirmation App.  It speaks to me on most days as if it was just written for me.  I’ve not yet put all of the tools in place, so I can’t wait to see what happens when I do!

Halfway through the programme I encountered a massive crisis in my life.  At this point, I had to choose whether to give it up or carry on.  I chose to carry on and I can honestly say I don’t quite know how I would have dealt with this issue without the tools that Helen has given me. She has allowed me to bring in assertiveness and self-worth.

I can’t wait to carry on this coaching and love the foundations from One of Many which Helen has combined with her own immense knowledge and experience.

If this coaching is calling you but you don’t quite know why then I would say take a leap of faith, there will be a reason why the opportunity has been put in front of you now and based on my own experience it will all become clear as you follow the programme.  I am very grateful to Helen for her guidance and support during the programme.

Meet Harriet, Speaker, Coach and Busy Mum

Now A Less Anxious, More Fun Mum

Helen helped me to transform in many areas of my life, going way beyond just the financial area that I’d originally wanted to work on. My sleep and energy levels are in better shape and I’m happier and more balanced too. I’ve also made significant strides in getting rid of high anxiety levels when I’m driving – these were a hangover from being in a car crash in 2016.
I feel empowered to manage difficult situations like setting boundaries really well now. Vitally, I feel I know myself on a much deeper level now too, which is no mean feat considering all the personal development, coaching and therapy I’ve invested in over the years.


Overall, life flows much better and I have way more fun, even doing boring tasks that used to get put off until later. I feel more present for my children and they now get the very best version of their mummy more of the time.

One of the things that make Helen such a brilliant coach is her laser-sharp intuition for knowing what to say and when, and which questions to ask, all of which led me to have powerful breakthroughs and a-ha moments. Thank you, Helen, I could not be happier with the outcome of working with you and would recommend you one thousand percent to anyone looking to invest in moving forward in life. 


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