Connecting With Others Is Part Of The Spiritual Journey
connecting with others

I believe in order to be connected to source, and to feel connected to the bigger picture, you have to be connected to others.

It can be easy enough to go through the motions of being connected to others, to say, ‘Oh, I have loads of friends’, but personally, I think there is a trick to feeling really connected to them. And for that to be a part of your spiritual growth and development.

(Some people may feel a distinct lack of connection with others as they could be isolated for a number of reasons. If that’s you,  I would urge you to make your connections where you can and seek out people of like mind – always bearing in mind your personal safety of course.I do know this may be easier said than done, but don’t give up. Please read on and I’ll be looking at this kind of challenge in another article.)

You can feel truly connected with people you have only just met, those who you will never see again, someone who you simply share a smile with, or to others who are longer term friends or family members. It’s a thing that happens, often spontaneously, but we can also create the right environment for it to happen.

What Do I Mean By ‘Connecting With Others’?

Connecting with others, isn’t just about having loads of friends, likes, followers or even having a large family around you.  When I say connecting, I mean really connecting, the kind of connecting where you can be vulnerable, be real, be honest, and be truly loved, or you can just share a smile without awkwardness.

Connecting with others is about openly sharing your thoughts, opinions, challenges, and your journey.

And yes, it can sometimes be really hard to find the right ‘others’ to be connected to. Many people just aren’t ready for that type of connection and you will recognise that in their behaviours and conversations. They are more judgemental, can’t listen to or accept others’ opinions, and you’re often drained by spending time with them.

Connecting with others is about seeing their soul, their spirit, their essence or their innate beauty, in a genuine, non-sexual, unbiased, neutral way.When you begin to really see the person, not just their outer casing, but the essence of their spirit, then your true essence can connect with theirs.

How Do You Know When You Are Connecting With Others?

  • When you are truly connecting with others, your soul and you heart is full of love.
  • You are nourished and replenished by your time with them, and they feel the same.
  • You can look in to their eyes and see their soul, and their beauty.
  • If they are a complete stranger, you might feel like you have met them before, or they look like someone you know.

How Do I Do This Connection Thing?

I know I am sounding a bit like an old hippy but it’s all about the Love!

There is a beautiful exercise in a book I read once, the name of which I have forgotten for the time being. (If you know it feel free to add it in the comments section below.) In this book it is suggested that as you go about your daily activities, whenever you see someone, you look them in the eyes, you smile, and in your mind, you say ‘I am you’. I think you could try saying, (in your mind again)  ‘I love you’ too for a similar effect.

Or you could find just one person you have a great connection and friendship with already and have an evening of deep spiritual & philosophical conversation. Listen with love. Truly listen to them, hear their words, don’t just wait for a chance to jump in and say your thing. Learn what their personal beliefs, problems, worries, hopes and fears are. Look in to their eyes and see that they are a spiritual being on a spiritual journey too, just like you. We all are.

There is many a philosophy that states that we are all one; I am you and you are me. And if we are all part of the divine, then we are all part of each other so you could consider this when you are feeling disconnected with someone to think of them as a different part of you, even if it is a conflicting part of you and try to see things from their point of you.

All of these ideas fundamentally mean that you are coming from a place of Unconditional Love. 

Give it a go, see how many connections you can make and how connected with others you can become.

Look, Listen, Learn & Love.

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