How Do I Connect To Source, the Universe, or the Divine?

How To Connect To Source

connection with sourceThere are as many ways to connect with source as there are definitions for source. Everyone has a different interpretation of source, of what it is (discussed in this article) and why you might want to connect with it . And therefore, everyone will have different ideas as to how to connect to it.

I do think, however, that there are some general methods that most people will find beneficial in developing their connection with source. I’m going to share these with you, and what works for me.

My Top Tips To Connect To Source

Meditation: Turning your mind off to everything going on around you and clearing your mind is really good for you. It has positive effects physically, emotionally and psychologically. With practice, it also takes your awareness away from your physical body and your chaotic, always-thinking mind. It’s an odd thing to experience but time can slow down. Or at least that’s what it can feel like. And you can feel less confined by the boundaries of your physicality. You can feel as though you’re flying, or expanding. Regular meditation can help you to feel a part something much bigger than you. It can also bring you a tremendous sense of peace and calm, as well as a feeling of being detached from the pressures, complexities and interactions of being human. (If you want to find out more I have written an introduction to meditation here.) It’s hard to describe what meditation can feel like, it’s something you need to try, persevere with and experience for yourself.

The Number 1 most effective way to develop a connection to source is to use meditation.

Getting out in nature: Breathe in fresh air. Listen to the sounds. Really take in all elements of nature. These are all ways to connect with the universe, the divine, or source, whatever you would like to call it. Sit still and listen. Maybe combine this with meditating outside and see how that feels for you. Whether it’s the woods, a park, a valley, walking in the hills or paddling barefoot in the sea, being surrounding by nature really helps to press the re-set button. It puts you in touch with something quite primitive within you, and in that way with the source of everything.

Gratitude: I find that being grateful brings more beautiful things to you. Relishing in what you have, what you know, who is in your life and the experiences that you have is a wonderful way to acknowledge the synchronicities of life. And when we acknowledge them it can truly feel like we are more connected with each other, and with something very special.

Writing: I write a journal every morning (almost). It is a wonderful way to get rid of worries and concerns and to re-connect with my intuition. In this way I feel like I am connecting with source as I begin to have amazing ideas, inspiration, and realisations. For me it is a flow of consciousness that often doesn’t make much sense, inevitably is illegible and I have no need to keep, or go back to. However, you may find that writing poetry, or keeping a more detailed diary is your thing. Or maybe it’s creating a novel or channelling your life experiences on to paper.

Connecting With Your Magical Self: If you fancy having a go at card readings, crystal therapy, mixing essential oils or something similar this is a wonderful way to tap in to source. What sort magical or esoteric activity are you drawn to?

Energy Work: Working with the energy body, especially using Reiki,  makes me feel connected to source. Learning about the eastern philosophies around energy work is a good start and then doing some exercises related to it such as Tai Chi or even yoga. Why not try a treatment that is based on energy like Reiki, acupuncture (from a reputable practitioner), shiatsu, or similar. That way you can see if you want to find out more. You can ask about reiki and energy work on my facebook group where lots of Reiki practitioners and masters hang out.

Other things you could try are:

  • Sound Work – immersing yourself in certain sounds can transport you in to a very meditative state. This allows you to feel more connected with source. You could try workshops in chanting, mantras, or maybe having a gong bath.
  • Drumming – I love drumming and find that it can send me in to a trance-like state similar to meditation.
  • Dancing – maybe not when you first start learning a dance but eventually you can feel swept along by the music and movement.
  • Massage – especially with aromatherapy oils can have a lovely effect.

With all of these you may feel spaced out, or you may feel really tired afterwards. I can honestly say you will be relaxed and very chilled out. Things will bother you less, you will feel more content and don’t be surprised if you suddenly get inspired thoughts, or if you want to distance yourself from people especially if they are bit negative.

Have a go at some of these methods of connecting to source. You may not know what to expect – just go with it. It may take time before you realise you are experiencing such a connection – persevere. Just enjoy the journey and relish the experience and revelations along the way.

Got any other ideas? Feel free to share them here or on the facebook page.