Do You Trust Your Intuition 100%? Find out why people don't


Does that mean I always follow its prompts every time?

If I’m honest, no.

Probably 98% of the time.

But I regret it 100% of the times that I don’t.

Do You Trust Your Intuition?

I recently did a survey about how others feel about their intuition, following it, not following and most interestingly why they sometimes didn’t.

Of those who took part in the survey, 90% felt they were intuitive at least 50% of the time. Only 1% said they weren’t intuitive at all. So the results may well be a little skewed by this, but then, it’s unlikely I’d have had a high response from non-intuitive people as they just wouldn’t have thought the survey was for them.

Here are the results of my ‘Do You Trust Your Intuition?’ survey:

  • 80% of respondents believed their intuition to be correct MOST OF, or ALL of the time.
  • 92% said they felt glad, or pretty good about the result when they followed their intuition.
  • 87% said that if they didn’t follow their intuition they were annoyed with themselves or always regretted it.

So, in summary, a (mostly) highly intuitive bunch of people mostly believed their intuition was correct and generally felt bad if they didn’t follow it and good if they did!

So they must always trust their intuition and follow its hints, right?

Well interestingly, only 6% follow it ALL of the time. And 60% most of the time.


What are the reasons you don’t trust your intuition?

(don’t worry, I asked that as well!)

When asked what the most common reason for not following their intuition was…

  • 20% of respondents didn’t trust their intuition
  • Over 26% preferred to rationalise things in their mind and use logic (probably means they don’t trust their intuition enough)
  • And 43% of people said that it was either telling them something they didn’t want to hear, or that they didn’t like to think badly of people.

Now this last point I find fascinating, and I have definitely been a victim of it myself on numerous occasions.

A typical example: You meet someone new, you get a bad feeling about them, but they’re a friend of a trusted friend… you ignore your intuitive response to not trust them and at some point… sooner or later… you discover your gut instinct was right all along! Anyone else with me on this one?

I believe that highly intuitive people are also highly sensitive – it’s all interlinked. Therefore, because they are sensitive to the feelings of others (“what if my intuition is wrong and I offend someone?”) they ignore their first reaction. Because they see the best in everyone, they don’t like to think badly of them and they just carry on.

As sensitive, intuitive individuals we really must start protecting ourselves more! And that’s no exaggeration. When our intuition is proved right, again, we often beat ourselves up that we didn’t follow it. We feel gullible, taken in by the person or situation and it knocks our confidence and our energy. We can still be nice and take others’ feelings into consideration, but maybe we need to honour our intuition a little more and proceed with caution rather than trusting someone’s untested good nature, versus our (almost always right) intuition.

These feelings are very much linked with being an empath, or having an overly empathic way of being. If you’d like to find out about empathy and what it means for you take a look here.

Linked to the other concept mentioned, about rationalising things and using logic over intuition, I believe there is possibly also an element of, ‘I can’t do that, it’s not logical, WHAT WILL OTHER PEOPLE THINK OR SAY?’

Are You Too Empathic Or Sensitive To Follow Your Intuition?

Again, if we want to live intuitively we need to have confidence in our decisions, and not feel the need to justify ourselves to others. Maybe this will help you…

I once bought a flat as an investment without seeing it, because my intuition told me to. Some people thought I was mad. But I believe you can combine common sense and intuition! I knew two people involved in the property and asked the right questions. The answers felt good so I went with it. When I did see it (on the day I completed on the sale) it was absolutely perfect!  Please note I don’t recommend this is a robust investment strategy – it was a one off! But hopefully this will give you confidence to stand by your intuitive-led decisions.

In conclusion despite already feeling fairly intuitive 88% of those who took part in the survey said they would like to improve their intuition.

I believe that’s probably a mixture of their wanting to hear it better and learning to trust it more.

How Can You Learn To Trust Your Intuition More?

So I have two pieces of advice for you on this note.

  1. Ask questions of yourself – out loud works best for me. Question situations, people, and decisions.
  2. Create a little space, or silence in your life on a regular basis to help you to re-connect with and hear (or feel your intuition). Meditation, a walk in the park, some yoga or energy work: all will help to turn down the volume of your life, and up the volume on your intuition.

I hope you find this information interesting and useful. and I would love to hear your thoughts on the results. I’m also collecting stories about your intuitive led (or ignores) decisions so please drop me a message and share I won’t put anything out about your story without absolute permission from you but I’d love us all to encourage others to live more intuitively and to ‘TRUST YOUR INTUITION!’.

And if you want to step things up with your intuition, take a look at my online training: Intuition 101

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  1. Lisa

    I was away and I felt this unease and heartache take over my body. I proceeded to take off my ring and new at that moment I felt a loss. I followed my intuition when I get back and found out my husband was cheating on me. My intuition was totally true. Thanks to you I will trust in my intuition again because I’ve been ignoring it not wanting to face the truth…

    • helen

      Sorry to hear this. Unfortunately it is the downside to being intuitive that we sometimes know things in advance of being told, and with very little evidence. This can be REALLY hard. I am also sorry for your situation and hope that you can find some light at the end of the tunnel and move forward in the best way possible for you Hx



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