Ever just need some headspace for a clearer mind?

Crave a clearer mind?

Tired, worn out, run down, not achieving the things you’d like to? Never got any time for you?

Wonder where all of your energy goes? Have a think about where you put your energy, and whether it’s worth it, does it lend itself to a clearer mind or more cluttered one? Here are some common mis-uses of our energy:

So many times we find ourselves thinking about ‘what if..?’ scenarios. Come on, I know it can’t be just me. All the time that we spend having that conversation in our heads, making things up that may or may not happen, is wasted time and energy. and it certainly causes our minds to become cluttered.

Not the route to a clearer mind!

Focussing your attention on others, wondering why on earth they behave in THAT way is another place that we give our energy away to. I know that sometimes we don’t realise we’re doing it, or are so baffled by another’s behaviour that we can’t seem to help ourselves, but the outcome is the same.

Worrying about others, again, I get it. I was always told I was a born worrier. It’s taken me years to stop about worrying about the things I can’t change and focus on the things I may be able to. Even so, there are still times that I focus all my energy on pointless worrying.

At an extreme, jealousy, anger, hatred, even fear all cause us to give our energy away. And then we wonder why we have none left for ourself. Mad isn’t it?

Maybe it’s because we’re human. We have the power to think, so why shouldn’t we? Maybe it’s because we care, perhaps a little too much?

Maybe, if we focussed on ourself for a change we would have more energy to help the people and situations that we could do something about? Now there IS a thought. Maybe a clearer mind would bring clarity as to how we might be able to do that?

But how? Here’s an exercise that will help in giving you a clearer mind.

Next time you find yourself thinking, worrying, making stuff up in your head, any of the above in fact, as soon as you notice that you’re doing it, STOP. Take a breath, stand up and feel your contact with the floor or the ground through your feet. Bend your knees slightly & rock gently backwards and forwards until you feel completely in balance. (You can be subtle about this so no-one really notices.)

Now look to the skies. Watch the clouds pass by, look for a rainbow, observe the stars, allow your mind to take in the extent of the universe. And breathe!

Dark clouds can make way for a clearer mind

After two or three minutes your awareness will naturally come back to the present time. Ask yourself what is the most productive thing you can do now? What’s next?

This is you time. It will lift your thoughts and help you to have a clearer mind & be more productive, enjoy.

Bright Blessings,


P.S. sometimes we need to have a physical clear out too, declutter your home, room, or office to help you get a clearer mind.