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How To Boost Your Energy In 6 Easy To Follow Steps

Are you feeling like you’ve lost the old you?

Are you tired, a bit run down, or just plain exhausted?

But you’re going to keep on going right? Because that’s what you always do

The school holidays probably don’t help do they? (As much as you love spending time with the little’uns)

Do you wonder what it would be like to feel a little bit more alive and energised?

I’d like to help you start to replenish your energy and take some control back.

I’d like to help you find yourself again and get back on track with YOU!

Interested? But too busy right?

Don’t worry, I know this time of year is crazy but how about we get on it in September?

(We’ll go live on 16th September)

Just imagine…

What Could You Do If You Had More Energy?

(It’s not a trick question)

Introducing 'Energised'

Starting you on the path from overwhelmed to overjoyed

Check out my ‘Back To School’ Special Offer below!

It’s not always about the BIG changes you could make, or the huge goals you would like to achieve. Sometimes it’s just about getting through the day without feeling exhausted, or mainlining caffeine.

Aimed at busy women (although men will also benefit from it) this 6 Step live online course will start you on your journey from overwhelmed to overjoyed.

If you’re running around all over the place, being pulled in every different direction and are feeling exhausted, ask yourself, is it time to invest in yourself?

Why? Because you damn well deserve it.

I Know – You’re Always Busy, It’s not just because it’s summer

That’s why this programme will be delivered in bite-size chunks, and in a variety of formats to suit everyone.

This simple 6  Step programme over 6 weeks will help you take a little time out and take stock, plus give you great methods to help you re-fuel, re-energise and re-focus. 

I will show you how to…

  • Take the first step to avoid burnout
  • Learn how to calm your mind
  • Begin to de-clutter your thinking, and your to-do list
  • Discover how to start prioritising your time
  • Understand what will help to fuel you, your mind, and your body
  • Begin to find more joy
Let me show you what’s waiting for you inside ‘Energised’ when you join!
  • Weekly video tutorials with me, where I’ll share valuable information about the typical problems women encounter, and ways to combat them
  • You will discover tips, techniques, and new things to try
  • Audio meditations
  • PDF information and worksheets
  • We’ll have our own Facebook community for extra support
  • And weekly lives to get your questions answered

Most importantly you will have permission to spend time on you, so that you can help others, and eventually get more of what’s important done, better.

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By taking part in this programme you will begin to realise that:
  •  you are important
  •  you can have calm in your life
  •  life can be easier
  •  simple steps taken everyday can make ALL the difference
  •  You can have more time, clarity and focus
  •  and find more joy in your life

I want to help you to keep coming back to you, to put you front and centre in your life, and to have energy and space to life a fulfilled, happy, purposeful life. 

This is just the beginning!

Spaces are limited so that I can make sure I look after you. 

I first ran a programme similar to this a few years ago (at £197). But I’ve tweaked and improved it a lot since then. I’ve become a bit of an expert on sleep for a start so I’ll be adding in a bonus treat all around sleep!



 I know summer is an expensive time, and I would like to help as many of you as possible so for a limited time only

You Set The Price!

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5.Celebrate! Possibly with a little nap – you’re on your way to better energy and motivation!

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