Top Tips For Being More Creative

Do you fancy being more creative?

Spring is on its way and we can start to see new growth on the trees and plants, and green shoots coming from the earth. This is most certainly a time when we can see and feel the creativity of the earth. I think it’s also a great time to look at your own creativity and to encourage it.

Creativity isn’t just about about all things artistic, although that is one element, it is about how we see the world and how we interact with it. Especially when challenges present themselves. In the past I’d never really considered myself particularly creative, especially in office environments. When I had a traditional job I would cringe at those brainstorming meeting where we had to come up with innovative new ideas for the team or the company. I really wasn’t any good at it. Or maybe I just didn’t care. I say this because I later discovered that I could come up with creative ways of helping others, or to help others’ help themselves. I could see solutions for people and situations I cared about. And when I was inspired to write I was most certainly being creative.

Being creative is about introducing new ideas and concepts, finding different ways of thinking and being as well as actually creating things in a more traditional sense, whether it’s inventions, artwork, music, clothing, poetry etc.

Everyone is creative. Your beliefs may tell you otherwise, but if you let yourself be, release your mind from the restrictions of what you tell yourself, you will be creative too.

Equally you can’t force creativity out, it must be coaxed gently, and then given freedom to come to you in its own time. Creativity must flow naturally.

Top tips to being more creative

  1. A bit of what you fancy – Forget about what others think and just give it a go. If you want to paint, draw, sing, write, dance, decorate, bake…. or anything else, just try it. Don’t think about the ‘what if’s’, don’t worry about being good or bad at, just try it.
  2. Spending time in nature – a walk in the park, a hill climb, a picnic, watch the sunset, or the moon rise, however you choose to do it this can encourage your creativity.
  3. Quiet time – meditation, yoga even pilates, activities that quieten the mind will encourage our creativity out form its hiding place within.
  4. Adrenalin rush – do something different, amazing, exciting or scary. It will make you see the world a little differently, and then who knows what might happen?
  5. Have a long chat with a good friend, especially if you’re looking for a creative solution to a situation. Talking things through can really give you clarity and understanding and a fresh point of view is also helpful.
  6. Map your mind – If you want to be more creative, get a big sheet of paper and write, ‘how to be more creative’ in the middle. Now write down lots of ideas and thoughts about creativity, what it means and how you could embrace it, make you mind map colourful and decorative if you want. Put down everything, even if your conscious mind says it’s silly. Spend a good length of time on this and then sit back and take a look. What thoughts and feelings do have about being more creative now? What actions could you take?
  7. Stay hydrated and get plenty of sleep, you cannot be creative if you’re body isn’t happy or you’re too tired.


Be patient – don’t give yourself a hard time, enjoy yourself, have some fun and at some point you’ll suddenly realise your creative self is wide awake and hammering to be heard.

You are already a creative being, follow these top tips for being more creative & see what happens next!

Helen Leathers

Transformational Women's Coach, Trainer, Speaker & Author

Combining a spiritual outlook, a pragmatic approach, and a sense of humour I want to help you remember who YOU are and reveal YOUR path so you can step on to it empowered, energised, inspired and guided.

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  1. Jeree Petrie

    Also love the map idea. I’ve managed to completely dry up my creativity by ‘getting serious’ about my writing and treating it as a 9-5 job. Now it has turned into a chore to be faced instead of the joyous pursuit that I couldn’t keep away from.
    If ‘Shakespeare’ passes this way again: I aspire to ‘drivel’. At the moment drivel would be preferable to a blank page. I’m even worried my ‘map’ will lack creativity!
    Wish me luck!

  2. Shakespeare

    >I love the map idea.

    And I create drivel when I'm tired. Mornings work best for me, once I've had a decent night's sleep.

    Good blog! I found you through MARTIN, IS THE COMPUTER OFF… and I'm glad I did!


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