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How Do I Recognise That It’s My Intuition Talking?

How Do I Know It’s My Intuition Talking?

Am I just making it up? 

These are all very valid questions, and ones that I get asked regularly.

Yes, you have to be discerning, which is why common sense is absolutely paramount. And you must be able to take responsibility for your actions. But, to be honest, the more you question your intuition, the quieter it will become. So if you want to be more intuitive you have to have a level of acceptance that your intuition is talking to you, and can be trusted. I hope my articles and posts will help you to relax in to your intuition a little instead of questioning it.

Once you become familiar with your intuitive reactions you will naturally know when it’s your intuition talking to you, or if it’s something else influencing your thoughts (like your inner fears).

Your intuition is talking to you with a nudge, a niggle, a thought, a sudden impulse, or a feeling or inner knowing that you just can’t explain.

Here are some tips to help you know that it is your intuition talking to you.

  1. If you’re undecided, and there’s two different feelings, or voices (for want of a better word), your intuition tends to be the quieter, more calm one. Fear based reactions are loud!
  2. Intuition tends to be an instant, and unfortunately, fleeting reaction to a situation. Like a thought, or a dream, it can be hard to grasp once the moment has passed. Don’t dismiss those instant or initial thoughts. (Sometimes we can feel we are being too quick to judge.)
  3. If you have a prolonged feeling of uneasiness where you intuition usually resides (by this i mean, the place in your body where you normally ‘feel’ your intuitive reactions) then you probably made the wrong choice and your intuition is saying, i can’t respond now so i’m going in to shut down. It’s the feeling of knowing something isn’t right, and when you take action away from that choice, there is an immediate sense of relief. (This is different from the nerves or excitement involved with stepping out of your comfort zone)
  4. Intuition can cause spontaneous outbursts, where we agree, disagree or express an opinion without even realising we were about to.
  5. Heart over head? No, it’s neither of these. Especially in matter of love and relationships. Our intuitive voice is something entirely different. More on this hereListen to your gut, that’s where most people feel their intuitive responses.
  6. When your intuition is talking to you, it is mostly internal, but do be aware of external factors. Repeated signs, symbols and number patterns can back up our intuitive voice helping us to be confident in our decision to follow its advice.

It’s not always easy to start with, or for me to explain in words, but with practice you will learn to hear when it’s your intuition talking to you, and to interpret what’s it’s saying. You might also want to have a look at my top ten tips for developing your intuition here.