How To Cleanse Crystals And Gemstones

Why Do I Need To Cleanse Crystals?

"how to cleanse crystals"

Before you use new crystals and on a regular basis, it is important to cleanse them so that they maintain the positive and pure energy vibration that they naturally have.

Sometimes crystals can pick up vibrations from people that handle them, and from their surroundings. Much like if you have been with someone who is negative, you can come away from them feeling a bit affected by their energy, the crystals can be affected in this way too.

It may sound odd, but sometimes, with use, crystals can get a bit sluggish and less effective, I’ve even seen their colours change or fade with over-use. It’s almost as though their powers are being zapped. This is another very good reason to cleanse crystals.

These are (in my experience) the best ways to cleanse crystals:

Unless advised that a crystal should be kept away from water (or is friable)* then you can;

  • Hold it under running water while maintaining the intention of it being cleansed,
  • Place it in a bowl of water, or salted water overnight.
  • Put your crystal on or just covered with soil from the earth and leaving overnight – make sure you mark the spot so you don’t lose it!

Alternatively you could;

  • Place it outside in the elements, especially on a sunny day.
  • Place it outside during a full moon
  • Place it in a bowl of salt* overnight. (Many books say it should be rocksalt but I have used regular kitchen salt and haven’t noticed any difference in its cleansing properties.)
  • Position smaller crystals on a piece of selenite crystal (a natural cleanser).

*NOTE: before you cleanse crystals always check that they are ok to be put in water or salt as some will be damaged by these methods.

You can also combine methods, so placing the crystal in salted water and leave it outside under the full moon, or, as I prefer, cleanse under running water and allow to dry off naturally outside in the elements, during day or night.

If you get the chance you can take your crystals to a natural spring or waterfall and carefully wash them in the flowing and energising waters, this is a lovely way to cleanse crystals.

Other Ways You Can Cleanse Crystals – But They’re Not My Favourite!

I might get into trouble with other writers and crystal ‘experts’ with this but I do think the methods above are best. I’ve worked with crystals for 20 years and you get a feel for them and what methods are most effective. These methods may well work for some crystals but I don’t find them quite as powerful as the others I have mentioned. However, if I leave them out you may wonder why, so I will share them with you. As ever, I suggest that you try them out for yourself and see what you prefer.

  • Visualisation techniques – visualising the crystals being cleansed by white light, golden beams, a shower of energy, or simply ‘seeing’ any negative debris falling away from the crystals. This isn’t always fully effective and takes a lot of mental visualisation skills which not everyone has.
  • Reiki  Symbols – The Power Symbol or Cho Ku Rei can cleanse crystals but I think its better at energising them.
  • Smudging – I love using native american  smudge for house or aura cleansing but I prefer other methods when it comes to cleansing crystals.

Methods Of Cleansing Crystals That I Haven’t Tried Yet

I can’t comment on the effectiveness of these methods as I have never tried them, but you may want to give them a go.

  • Placing your crystal in with a bag or bowl of: carnelian tumblestones or brown rice – these are said to absorb and cleanse negative energies.
  • A cleansing spritzer either homemade or from a crystal supplier.

If you want to add your ideas or experiences to the comments below, it would be great to hear from you.

Bright blessings

P.S. It is up to you how regularly you do this, you can do it after each use but I tend to think you will intuitively know when you need to cleanse crystals.