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Would You Like To Join our Ladies Spiritual Discussion & Meditation Circle?

Twice a month we will come together online to spend some time on our own spiritual growth and development. Our evenings will include some meditation time, and exercises or discussion around a particular topic.

My best moments of spiritual understanding and growth have either come during meditation or discussion in a group of like-minded souls. And I’d like to share some of this experience and the opportunity with you.

These meetings will be held on the 1st and 3rd Thursday’s of each month from 7-9pm UK time (Sometimes BST, sometimes GMT depending on the time of year). 

Join us with an open mind and an open heart for some reflective and inspirational time. Simply register using the form below and you will receive all the instructions. 

Register to attend Thursday Circle Nights
Our circle nights are held every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month 7 - 9 pm BST/ GMT By registering a place will be reserved for you at each session. You will then receive a weekly email with the link to join us on Zoom While there's no requirement to join us at every session, I'd like to keep the members fairly consistent and to a manageable number to make it the best experience for everyone.
If you don't already receive my weekly messages of Inspired Guidance you can request them here. Each Monday I send out a message based on a card my current favourite tarot or guidance set. It's designed to help you reflect on the week and connect with the magic all around us. I'll also add any bits of news, blogs or upcoming events that I think might be useful to you.
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