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Inspired Guidance Messages

I always marvel at the serendipity of life. How just the right things come along at the right time. That’s how life tend to be for me. It’s the Everyday magic that keeps life interesting and intriguing with a touch of awe!

What about you? 

Would you like more of that? Something to make you think, to inspire you, to make you reflect, think or wonder?

I’ve used tarot and guidance cards for many years and I’ve found the reflections and inner enquiry that they encourage for me are a form of self-coaching.

You can join me for a weekly message to help reconnect you with that everyday magic and encourage your own self-reflection.

Use the form below to send me your email address and you will receive my weekly message with the card of the week and other musings.

Receive My Inspired Guidance Messages

Every Monday I pull a card for the week from my (current) favourite guidance cards and a while back I started sending them out on emails.

Oftentimes the message is highly relevant to what is going on for me, and for many of you judging by the emails I get - I love getting them by the way so do share if something resonates with you - I love a little bit of magic!

So, if you'd like something to help you reflect on your week then do join us. I'll also share my thoughts on various personal development topics and spirituality, and a wide range of top tips and let you know of any new products special offers, silly stories or events that I think might be of interest to you.

Simply pop your details in the form below and click the submit button.

much love


p.s I will never share your contact details with any other organisations!
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