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Is it possible to learn Reiki online?

I love Reiki and believe that learning it is a life-changer. And every person I have met in the personal development world has learnt Reiki at some level.

I absolutely believe Reiki is the key for change and transformation (however small) in everyone. I believe that it can help all aspects of life, from mindfulness to emotional intelligence and more.

I also believe it is a foundation stone for all sorts of development, personal, spiritual, and psychic.

I’ve taught Reiki since 1997 –  way back when no-one knew what it was or how to pronounce it. Hell, I didn’t know what it was right up until I was sat at my first Reiki 1 weekend training. (If you’ve jumped to this article and you’re thinking ‘I still don’t know what Reiki isgo here to find out more)

The process of learning Reiki in-person and with a group of people is awesome. It generates wonderful discussions and increased awareness, plus a great chance to practice the hands-on side of it.

If you don’t like groups, can’t afford to attend, or are super-busy,  is it an option to learn Reiki online instead?

BUT weekends away and workshops don’t work for everyone. Especially if you

  • are limited financially
  • are time-poor and have lots of commitments, or can’t get childcare
  • don’t feel comfortable with groups, especially if they think they are going to have to work together to practice ‘hands-on’ healing.

So, here’s the first secret  I don’t believe Reiki was originally taught as a healing modality. This is something I always talk about at all of my courses. I believe it was originally taught as a process of spiritual growth, enlightenment and personal development. I believe the ‘healing’ aspect came late as a wonderful side-effect which then became the main focus. (I might, of course, be wrong but this is my belief after teaching for so long, and much reading and research.) So if you don’t get to practise ‘hands-on’ it’s really not the end of the world.

And here’s the second secret –  For many years I didn’t think it was possible to have the same impact learning Reiki remotely as if you’d learnt it in person and been present with your Reiki Master when you became ‘attuned’ to Reiki. (What are attunements? That’s for another article) However, I’ve worked with a number of people over the last few months and I know that the distance learning and remote Reiki attunements are just as effective as doing it in person. That is, you will still be able to use Reiki in the same way as you would if you’d attended a course or workshop.

(if you’re already thinking you’d like to learn Reiki, go here to find out more about how you can learn online with me)

Why Might It Not Be Appropriate For You To Learn Reiki Online?

  • If you want to go on and teach Reiki it would be best for you to attend a Reiki course in person so that you have the experience and learn how the content can be delivered
  • If you want to use Reiki as a healing method in a professional practice with actual clients – you will benefit hugely from the practice element of a course or workshop
  • If there’s a group of you that want to learn, it might be fun, bonding and powerful for you to go on a course together (contact me if this is the case, I’m open to running bespoke workshops just for your group.)

If you’re thinking that you’d like to learn Reiki online I’d love to share this wonderful gift with you.

Simply click on the button below, pop your details in the box, and hit submit. You’ll be taken to an information page straight away and you’ll receive a discount code for the online training by email.

If you’ve already done an online Reiki course and you need to receive Reiki attunements get in touch using the contact form here and I’ll send you the information you need.

Helen Leathers

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Combining a spiritual outlook, a pragmatic approach, and a sense of humour Helen seeks to help you to understand, accept and develop your true self and be the best person you can be – flaws and all.

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