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Hi, I’m Helen

women’s transformational
& empowerment coach

what’s my story?

I’ve been on a personal development journey for as long as I can remember, training in holistic therapies, running workshops and events and always learning more.

For a while after, I got divorced in 2012 I felt like something was missing. I felt as though I’d lost my path, and a part of my own identity. I called on all of the personal development and spiritual work I had done over the years, but the hole was still there. The nagging feeling continued to nag. 

That’s when I (magically) happened upon the One of many methods and rediscovered myself, my passion, and my purpose. I found my confidence again, and stepped in to my power once more. 

Training as a One of many™ women’s coach gave me more skills and tools to add in to the magical mix and allowed me to create a unique blend of coaching and training that I offer today. I like to think of it as a blend of old and new, of science and spirituality.

I draw on my natural and intuitive abilities along with many years of research and personal development to put together products and programmes to help you.

Combining a spiritual outlook, a pragmatic approach, and a sense of humour I seek to help you to understand, accept and develop your true self and be the best person you can be – flaws and all.

Helen Leathers Coaching

My Credentials

One of many™ Women’s Coaching Certification

Accredited Coach and member of the Association for Coaching

BSc.(Hons) Philosophy & psychology

With additional training in Sleep Science & Transpersonal Coaching

my coaching approach

I combine and integrate Transformative Women’s Coaching, Spiritual Coaching, working with your intuitive self, and energy work. This creates a holistic blend of tools and techniques that help you to feel more energised and confident about who you are and what you want, so you can then start to explore your true purpose.

When you know where you want to be, and you feel like you again, the path will become clearer and the steps easier to take.

It’s wonderful to see women taking back control over who they are, who they want to be, and where they want their life to go next.

Here are some of the things ladies come to me with:

  • Life is ok, maybe even good, but… (what is that ‘but’?)
  • You have a feeling that something is missing
  • You’re considering changing your career but might struggle with the confidence to take the leap, or know what that even looks like
  • You always put everyone else first
  • You have a niggling sense of resentment, & may feel walked over
  • You might experience Imposter Syndrome
  • You want to take a step up in your career but aren’t sure if it’s right
  • You have a need for a greater sense of purpose
  • You have a sense that you are playing small
  • You are easily overwhelmed and exhausted
  • You feel that you are meant to do more or make a difference in the world, however large or small
  • You have a desire to reconnect with your spiritual side
  • Something in your life needs to change

I can help you feel more energised, confident, guided, and on-purpose, ready for the next phase of your life.

It doesn’t happen overnight. Change can take time, but it can happen quicker than you might think. 

It’s a journey. One I started a long time ago, one that I’m still on. 

While I write this I imagine myself standing on a path, shining a light and holding my hand out to you, encouraging you to take the next step and perhaps, allow me to walk some of your journey with you and illuminate another way to be.

Would you like to take the next step?

Member of association for coaching
Helen Leathers
Helen Leathers

some of my Happy Clients

"One of the things that make Helen such a brilliant coach is her laser-sharp intuition for knowing what to say and when, and which questions to ask. All of which led me to have powerful breakthrough and a-ha moments"

Harriet Waley-Cohen, Coach & Speaker


"Before I started Helen’s programme life was ticking over very nicely. All was well but I recognised that I didn’t have much time for myself and I was putting myself last. As a result of this 12-week programme I have found myself.

I have created boundaries around time for me and whereas I used to feel guilty whenever I took time out of my day or week for me I now celebrate it and give myself a pat on the back.

If this coaching is calling you but you don’t quite know why then I would say take a leap of faith, there will be a reason why the opportunity has been put in front of you now and based on my own experience it will all become clear as you follow the programme.”

Lisa Collins, Acupuncturist & Busy Mum

"In a relatively short space of time I felt like I understood myself better than ever before.

The changes I have started to make have had a positive impact in my home and work life. I would recommend Helen to everyone, she is amazing!”

Jodie Pritchard

Head of Operations 


helen leathers events

"I now have clarity. I have learned it's ok to take time out to look after myself ️

I now understand why I wasn't taking action I know what I want to focus on & I'm bursting with ideas.

I have revitalised passion for elements of what I do & know that its OK to turn away work that doesn't sit right with me.

I have the confidence to say - I am very good at what I do!"

Angie Stewart, Digital Coach For Coaches

"Helen is such a warm and genuine person, who is very generous.

You can’t help but feel inspired, when listening to her."

Zoe Tunnicliffe

Helen's Books & Audio Collections

More information can be found at

  • Help! I Think I Might Be Psychic 101 Frequently Asked Questions About Spiritual, Psychic & Spooky Stuff
  • The Spiritual & Psychic Development Workbook A Beginners Guide
  • The Spiritual & Psychic Development Workbook A Course Companion
  • The Spiritual & Psychic Development Meditation Collection
  • The Advanced Workbook For Spiritual & Psychic Development
  • The Advanced Workbook For Spiritual & Psychic Development A Course Companion
  • The Advanced Audio Collection for Spiritual & Psychic Development
  • The Power In Your Hands How To Understand, Connect With, Channel & Use Universal Energy To Improve & Empower Your Life
  • The Power In Your Hands Audio Collection
  • Bright Blessings Spiritual Thoughts, Inspirational Quotes & Philosophical Observations on Life
  • 10 Stepping Stone To A Better Version Of You (Not currently available)
  • Stop The World I Want To Get Off (Not currently available)
  • 'Relaxation' Meditation Bundle
  • 'Confident You' Meditation Bundle

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