Mercury Retrograde - Are You Having Communication Problems?

What Is Mercury Retrograde?

The phenomenon called ‘mercury retrograde‘ occurs when, from our position on Earth, Mercury appears to be moving backwards in its path across the sky. (It’s not really, it just looks that way.)

Mercury is traditionally associated with communication. It’s said that problems and challenges can occur in this area during this time.

computers can go wrong when we are in mercury retrograde oComputers, the internet and phones will go funky, emails won’t arrive, travel arrangements will go pear-shaped and miscommunications can occur.

If you think Mercury Retrograde Is Affecting You What Should You Do?

  • Allow more time for journeys, jobs and projects.
  • Save computer backups regularly (mercury retrograde can often see us having to do the same work more than once)
  • Clarify points of discussion and instruction with others to avoid misunderstandings and miscommunication.
  • Write down instructions or have them emailed to you (if your email is working).

Sometimes mercury retrograde is said to cause our perception or interpretation of an event or conversation to be skewed so don’t rush into an argument, seek clarity first until you understand the situation or facts fully.mercury retrograde can cause arguements

Being more in the moment and focussing fully on what you’re doing will help. Could this be the very lesson to take from this time? Along with being slow to judge, react or jump to conclusions which are all positive traits that we could do well to adopt on a daily basis.

Use this time also to reorganise, re-assess and reflect on your life and prepare for the next few months ahead.

How Long Will Mercury Retrograde Last?

The effects of mercury retrograde start 2 – 3 weeks before it actually goes retrograde, pre-retrograde period and will continue in what’s known as its ‘post-retrograde shadow’ for another 3 weeks, albeit with a lessening degree of influence.

Tread carefully, be observant and take your time. While we are under the influence of mercury retrograde go with the flow of the universe and learn it’s lessons along the way.

These are, of course, great instructions for life in general. Being as MR occurs 3 – 4 times a year perhaps we should just adopt them full time.