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Online Reiki Courses with Helen Leathers

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Reiki 1 and 2 Available soon

These online courses are perfect for you if you’d love to learn Reiki BUT

  • Don’t have the time to commit to 2 days (or even one) away from your work, home, kids, pets or something else
  • You live in a remote part of the world
  • You can’t find a Reiki Master you click with
  • You’re not keen on working or learning in groups
  • You’re not sure about the ‘hands-on healing side of things (and don’t want to have to practice this on a course with strangers)
  • You’re an introvert
  • You have limitations because of your mental, physical or emotional health
  • Can’t afford an in-person training course
  • You only want to do it for your own benefit 
  • *insert your own reason here – it’s as viable as any of these on the list

What’s involved?

My online Reiki courses will give you all the theory that we would normally cover on an in-person course (possibly a bit more as I can get carried away with sharing knowledge). 


  • You can access it in your own time, and take as long as you like to read and digest it.  As and when you have 5 minutes, just pop on and do your reading and any suggested exercises then leave and come back to it next time your busy schedule allows
  • You will have access to it forever*
  • You will have BONUS material made available to you which will provide more in-depth information 
  • You can access training videos on some of the subjects covered
  • you will receive free downloads where appropriate

There’s more than just theory

There are lots of online Reiki Courses that give you the theory and then expect you to go and find yourself a Reiki Master to provide the attunements.

(Attunements are the work process that aligns you with powerful Universal Life Force energy permanently and consciously. It is a ‘tweaking’ of your energy field or aura that can only be done by a Reiki Master.)

Some people are happy to simply learn the theory, and I absolutely know this is life changing in and of itself, so you could be quite happy just playing with Reiki energy at the basic level. However, the chances are you’ll want to receive the attunements and get access to the powerful stuff!

So, your attunements are provided at no extra charge with your online course – I think that’s only fair.

They are processed remotely at an agreed date and time. Full instructions will be provided but it’s super-easy – you just meditate at the allotted time and I do the rest. However, you can also opt to have an online attunement face to face**(using Skype or Zoom) during which you can get any questions you might have answered personally by me.

Once you’ve completed the course, you’ll receive a Reiki Theory Certificate. And if you choose to receive the attunements I’ll send you a signed Reiki Practitioner certificate for that course.

*You will receive a minimum of 3 months notice if the course is ever to be removed for any reason. You will receive a minimum of 1 month’s notice if the course is to be moved on to a different platform, on which you will be given immediate access as soon as it is available.

** For a small upgrade fee. This option will be made clear at the time of booking your attunements.

Interested? I’ll drop you an email very shortly with details of when the first level 1 course will be available.

As one of the first to register your interest, you’ll also receive a very special discounted offer. I look forward to speaking with you about this some more very soon,