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Got Time For A Coffee?

Life is busy, time is short,

And we all love a quick quiz or instant insight


Even better when it can give us a very REAL REVELATION or action that can make a difference straight away. That is priceless!

I’m gathering together the TOP TOOLS that my clients LOVE and making them accessible and quick for you. (There’s just one on here at the moment but I’ll be adding more. To get updates, make sure you connect with me on social media or sign up to my weekly Inspired Guidance Messages.)

When we try to do too much all at once it can seem overwhelming and just add to everything else we have going on. Instead, these bite-size coaching insights will help you to take one small change at a time.

So grab a cuppa and let’s start making a difference.

Women’s PowerTypesTM Profile & Laser Coaching Call

Have you ever felt overwhelmed, tired & busy or feel as there’s something missing (or you’re missing out on something)?

How would you like to live on purpose, in flow and feeling stronger and more confident?

As part of my women’s coaching programme I offer a profile report that shows you where you are now, your strengths and areas for development. The profile focusses on 5 empowering female archetypes and the strengths they represent. Strengths that all women can access, but don’t always know how.

On its own, the quiz is usually $97 but I’d like to offer it to you now, along with a 45-minute call to go over the insights and create an action plan for fast, powerful and effective change, for just £47. It’s a quick and powerful way to better understand yourself and your current challenges, every woman should do this!

What Should You Do Now?

  1. Buy your powertype profile bundle using the buttons below (if you want to buy one for a friend, you can even change the quantity) 
  2. You’ll be sent a token and a link to access the profile test
  3. Once you have your results we’ll book an appointment.

This 45-minute in-depth call will help you really understand the meaning and power of each archetype and how you can use that energy to your advantage and for lasting change.

You can also purchase a set of the Women’s PowerTypesTM cards which, alongside the beautiful imagery, give guidance and reminders about the power, wisdom, and other beautiful facets of being female. The set of cards (just larger than A5) come in a glossy finish with their own glossy folder. They retail at £25 (with free UK p&p) and make a beautiful gift for your strong resilient girlfriends or female relatives.

Or, order them at the same time as your profile and quick coaching call you can get the full bundle for just £59 (with free UK p&p).

Feel free to order them if you are outside the UK, I will let you know any additional postage charge.


Choose Your Bundle


Women’s PowerTypesTM Cards

(set of 5 with free p&p) @ £25

These beautiful cards are a visual reminder of the power we have within ourselves. Life can get in the way and we can forget our true nature.

These cards can help you to stay on track and balanced in your own energy whenever you need them.


Women’s PowerTypesTM Profile &

Laser Coaching Call  @ £47

Take a quick online quiz and get instant results about how easy you find it to access these 5 powerful female archetypes. Then we’ll have a 45 minute laser-coaching session to clarify your strengths, and create an action plan to work on any areas of concern. Working with archeyptes can provide simple ways to achieve fast results when you want to change something in your life


Complete Women’s PowerTypesTM 

Bundle @ £59

The best deal of the lot! The profile and call to help you establish where you are, and an action plan for swift and simple change

PLUS these gorgeous cards for a visual reminder of the energy you are looking to improve in your life.

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