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Learn Reiki

It’s perfect to help bring calm, balance, and perspective, as well as spiritual growth in to your life


If you’ve never done Reiki before, you need to start with Reiki level 1

Reiki 1 – Option 1

A fully online theory course

where you can learn all the background

and theory you will need, in your own time.

Then book your energy attunements with me

via zoom when you’re ready

Reiki 1 – Option 2

live one day online workshop with a

maximum of 6 participants.

We’ll cover all the theory and background you will need,

and you can ask questions and do energy

exercises throughout the day.

You will also receive your energy attunements

live with me on the same day so you’ll leave the

workshop as a fully-fledged

Reiki 1 practitioner.

I believe Reiki is the Number One subject to study for your own personal development and spiritual growth.

(Scroll down for information on Reiki 2 and Masters training)

Helen, taking Reiki with you was probably the most important and smartest thing I have every done for myself.   
Taking Reiki with you was so effortless, and felt so comfortable with you and your instruction.  It was a great balance of conversation, key learning material and instruction for me,  followed by on-line material, support and Facebook group that my questions were followed up very quickly.  
It is now that I feel my transformation has really begun, and a sense of peace has touched me that I had finally listened to my guidance.  I don’t know why Helen was my teacher but I can tell you that I feel blessed and am excited to continue my journey with her.  
Lina Clarke

About Reiki Level 1

This is the start of your Reiki journey. Join me for level 1 and allow it to reveal its secrets to you

  • Discover the theories, applications, and energy work that you can do with this wonderful energy.
  • Learn how you can help yourself and others. 
  • And become energetically attuned to this abundant source of energy so that you can consciously channel and work it.
  • Reiki helps you to find balance, harmony and contentment – amongst other things. 

Reiki Level 2 & Masters Training

If you’ve done Reiki before and you’d like to move to the next level, or have a refresher, do get in touch.
You don’t need to learn with the same person all the way through so if you’d like to find out what I’m offering, or have a chat with me about where you are with it all, you’re more than welcome.

Further courses and dates will be announced soon. If you’d like to express your interest, get on the waiting list or book a private course with me, do get in touch here. 

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