Remember, You Are Intuitive! - Helen Leathers, Transformational Women's Coach, Trainer, Speaker

you are intuitive

One of the biggest blocks to your believing that you are intuitive is your belief that

You’re Not Intuitive

But I am willing to bet that you are, maybe just a bit, or maybe you call it something else but…

I Bet You Are Intuitive Really!

When we tell ourselves something, it becomes our reality. You might know someone who is tells you who clumsy they are all the time, and you notice that they are. Well, maybe, just maybe, if they stopped believing they were clumsy, they’d become less so. Henry Ford once said,

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.”

And being intuitive is no exception. For more on this have a look at this article: Are You Intuitive? Then come back to this one, because I have a task for you!

Want To Be More Intuitive? Then Remember That You Are.

Because self-talk is one of the biggest blocks to intuition, it is really important to re-educate yourself. So I want you to take a bit of time out and do this exercise:

  1. Find a notebook, journal, or just on a piece of writing paper.
  2. Give yourself some time and space, maybe half an hour to start with, and make a cup of tea, or something similar (I’m British so tea is my first port of call for every scenario!). Make sure you’re not going to be interrupted and turn off all phones and other bleepy, notification-ey, things.
  3. Take a couple of deep breaths to relax and calm your mind.
  4. Think about a time when your intuition kicked in. You may not have followed it, don’t worry about that for now, it just has to be a time when you knew something. You had to do ‘x’, you felt that ‘a person’ needed you to talk to them, you decided not to go ‘that’ way home, you had the urge to call the office / a friend / your partner.
  5. Now write about the scenario in as much detail as you would like. Where were you? How old were you? Who did it involve? What was the scenario? How did your intuition communicate? What did it tell you? How did you feel? Did you know exactly what it wanted you to do? What was that? See, you are intuitive! even if it’s just a little bit!
  6. Next, think about, and write down what you did and what the outcome was? Did you follow your gut reaction? Was it right? This doesn’t have to be about big stuff, it’s about absolutely anything, big or small.
  7. I want you to sit and think some more, what other times have their been when you’ve heard that quiet little inner voice? Had a gut feeling? Been put off from doing something, or taken a dislike to someone? Write down as many stories as you can think of, in as much detail as you like.
  8. When you’ve written as much as you can (or as much as time will allow), have a look at what you’ve written. How many times has you intuition helped you out? These are just the times you can remember. Really think about it. There might even just be once. But remember, if it can happen once, it can happen again – your quite little inner voice might just need a bit of encouragement to come out and play.
  9. I want you to take a moment. Place your hand on your stomach, or your heart (the two top places most people say that they ‘feel’ their intuition comes from) and breathe for a couple of deep breathes. As you connect with this part of you, smile, and say ‘thank you’ to your intuition. You may want to say more, for example,

    ‘I’m sorry I haven’t listened all that much in the past, but I promise I’ll keep an ear out for you in the future.’

    ‘I’m sorry I haven’t followed your advice in the past, but I can see now you’re looking out for me. try again and I’ll listen more in the future.’

    ‘Let’s be better friends from now on and listen to each other more.’

    Or something else that makes sense to you.

  10. If you run out of time, come back and do more on this exercise, the more you remember that you are intuitive, the more you will reinforce in your own mind that your intuition is or at least has been around for you.

Well done. Remembering that you have had at least one moment of a gut reaction, a nudge in the right direction, a hunch or something else, will make you realise that your inner voice is there. And remember that it is always there, it’s just sometimes drowned out by other things that are going on around you or in your own mind.

Remember, You Are Intuitive.