Are you searching for your life purpose?

Wow, finding your life purpose is a biggy isn’t it?

Are you on track with your life purpose?

I think that it’s really interesting that in many aspects of life, especially spiritual and psychic development, people very often look outside of themselves for answers to their questions. Most people do this to discover their life purpose too.

They search for a label that describes them, they look for tools that they can use and paths that they can follow to develop and formulate their skills, beliefs, morality and often to justify their action, or, in all too many cases, inaction. They seek to journey far and wide, to ‘find’ themselves and discover their life purpose in order to try and fulfill it.

Ultimately everything you need to fulfill your life purpose is within you.

I’m not saying that this is wrong, but I do believe that it’s only a part of the process. That’s because ultimately, everything you ever need is within you. Inner guidance, intuition, prayer and answers obtained through it, signs from the universe, psychic abilities, whatever you want to call it, when something is right, or something is wrong, you know it instinctively. and you can discover your life purpose from the same place, within you.

However, sometimes our instincts get driven undercover, become discoloured or influenced by other things that go on in our lives. I am going to go in to these concepts in more depth in my next few blogs but for now, a message from…who knows, but it came to me this morning.

“Live intuitively, use your skills, with inner guidance, and that of your guides, and in time you won’t need any tools.

Live in congruence, be your true self, be ethical, gentle, but firm when necessary.

Be you, but be the best version of you you can be and your inner talents will flow outwards. You will touch and affect others, you won’t even need to try. When you try, you impede the flow.

Live for you, live at your highest vibration in this moment, everything will be perfect for you: timing, knowledge, contacts, development.

Live your life knowing that you are serving the purpose you intended to be here for, even if you don’t know what that is, and smile.”

Bright blessings to you & may this assist you in discovering and fulfilling your life purpose.