Are you searching for your life purpose? Do you want to feel more fulfilled?

Wow, finding your life purpose is a biggy isn’t it

I think it’s really interesting that in many aspects of life, especially spiritual and psychic development, people often look outside of themselves for answers to their questions. Most people do this to discover their life purpose too.

They search for a label that describes them. They look for tools they can use and paths they can follow to develop and formulate their skills, beliefs, morality, to justify their action, or inaction. They seek to journey far and wide,  in order to ‘find’ themselves and discover their life purpose.

Ultimately everything you need to find and fulfil your life purpose is within you.

I do think that we sometimes need a guide to show us a new path along our journey.

But ultimately, everything you ever need is within you.

  • Inner guidance
  • intuition
  • prayer and answers obtained through it
  • signs from the universe
  • an inner knowing  when something is right, or wrong,

And you can discover your life purpose from the same place, within you.

Sometimes our instincts get driven undercover, become discoloured or influenced by other things that go on in our lives so we need a bit of guidance and assistance to uncover things again.

This morning this came to me as a guide to living in alignment with your purpose – even if you are yet to discover it.

“Live intuitively

Live in congruence, be your true self, be ethical, gentle, but firm when necessary.

Be you, but be the best version of you that you can be and your inner talents will flow outwards. You will touch and affect others, you won’t even need to try. When you try, you impede the flow.

Live for you, live at your highest vibration in this moment, everything will be perfect for you: timing, knowledge, contacts, development.

Live your life knowing that you are serving the purpose you were intended to be here for, even if you don’t know what that is, and smile.”


If any of this article has got you thinking about how a coach could help you; Perhaps about:

  • Living intuitively
  • Finding your purpose
  • Living in alignment with your purpose

Then why not book a call with me and let’s chat.

Helen Leathers

Transformational Women's Coach, Trainer, Speaker & Author

Combining a spiritual outlook, a pragmatic approach, and a sense of humour I want to help you remember who YOU are and reveal YOUR path so you can step on to it empowered, energised, inspired and guided.

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  1. Paul

    Helo Helen, I just wondering…If my intuition ( or I don’t know maybe it is my heart) telling all the time, that I must run from life stress, drop everything that I don’t want to do and be where I want to be or who I want. I mean, my parents all the time saying that you can’t do what you want in your life and you can’t be who you want because life is hard and you need to work all the time. Work at your job and it doesn’t matter if you hate it, you just need to survive somehow and if you are will go somewhere to chase your dreams or what says your inner side you are not going to be succesful and you will perrish or die…And all the time I thinking if you can’t do what you want and work at what you want what is the meaning then…Because you need to be happy, not sad every inute, every second…I feel like I am going nowhere all the time and wasting my life working just in order to survive…Very often it makes me to think about sadness side of life, like you don’t want to live anymore and it really looks better than be unhappy till the end of your life…If you are thinking why I just not talking with my parents I need to say that I tried thousands of times and they are that type of parents who have their own opinion and doens’t listen to yours. It is hard to ake your dreams come true when your working all the time, and you just don’t have a time for it…From one side I understand that this is reality of life, because you need to survive somehow but the other side is selfish and brings me to my dreams which are not going to come true.

    Thanks in advance if your are going to answer somehow…

    P.s. sorry if my english is not good at all, my country is not english spoken.

    Have a nice day, love your work…

    • helen

      Paul, thank you for your message. This is an interesting question and believe me, you are not alone in asking it. There are lots of reasons that people believe you must work hard, endure boredom, or even ill health to be ‘successful’ or to ‘survive’. Some of it is generational, so the older generations, especially post-war (in Europe) HAD to work REALLY hard, and do things that didn’t truly feed their soul because that was how it was. And for many people they still hold those beliefs. I believe you can be happy doing anything – it is a mindset, but your purpose still has to be fulfilled in some way or your soul will hurt. It may be that you can continue in a job you dislike, if you have a hobby that fulfils you. Whatever you believe will be your truth. There are many many people doing what they love and getting on very will in life, there are far more who are miserable do jobs that destroy their soul. It is up to you how you want to live your life. If you decide to stay where you are, find a way to make it more desirable – meditate so you have a different mindset, volunteer outside of work to feed a need for community or service, learn a new skill to feed your mind or maybe provide you with another business or job opportunity. I choose to be happy, and follow my purpose, it still involves work, but it is good work. I hope you find your path and your peace. blessings

  2. Amy

    Very intrigued with your words. I’ve been studying for years, and have an overpowering sensation to start practice. It guided me to you. So, I just want to say stay blessed.

    • helen

      Thank you, bright blssings on your journey


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