Are You Able To Stay Calm And See The Bigger Picture?

Are you always calm, philosophical and seeing things in the context of the ‘bigger picture’?


Do you get stressed out easily by life?

Baffled by the actions of others?

Caught up in life’s dramas? Do you wish you could be more calm when things seem to go wrong?

Or maybe you are calm but see others running round like mad and don’t quite grasp why they don’t ‘get’ things in the same way you do?

It’s all about whether you can see, understand and accept the connections, that things happen for a reason, as part of a bigger picture.

I’ve often wondered why it is that some people see connections in life and others just don’t. Have you ever noticed that?

It’s Not Always Easy To See The Bigger Picture

When ‘stuff’ happens in life some people focus in on the detail of it. Others allow themselves to become a victim of it. While some are able to stand back, a little more detached, and be less (although not totally) affected by it somehow. 

Previously I’ve thought that my ability to see a bigger picture was because I had a more philosophical, spiritual approach to life. I’ve heard those who are unable to see this reasoning described as ‘new souls’; inferring that they had a lot to learn on their ‘spiritual’ journey. I don’t think that is the whole story (and it’s perhaps a little patronising).

There are all sorts of different elements that come into play from upbringing, learned behaviour, emotional intelligence and personality preferences. All of these affect how we see the world. But that doesn’t mean we have to stay the way we are forever. If we want to open up to bigger picture thinking, I’m certain that we can. 

How Do We Start Opening Up To The Bigger Picture?

Deepak Chopra says;

“When you expand your awareness, seemingly random events will be seen to fit into a larger purpose.”

I looked at the people around me who have a sense of this ‘bigger picture’, to see if there were any common traits. They aren’t necessarily spiritual, or philosophical, but what they do have in common is an open, expanded and expanding mind. They seek knowledge, personal development, and success (by their own definition). They have expanded their awareness, of themselves and, as a result, of others.

They also have an open, expanded and expanding heart. They LOVE seeing others develop, succeed and learn new things, almost as much as they enjoy doing it themselves. When they are part of that process for and with someone else they love it even more.

Because they understand that we are all part of the bigger picture.

Once you start to expand your awareness you start to think differently. You start to

  • see the results of cause and effect
  • understand how things slot together.
  • And whilst it’s not always immediately obvious why a certain event has happened, you have an inner ability to accept that there must be a reason and that it will eventually come to light.

People who are able to see the bigger picture are less stressed, more laid back, accepting of others, non-judgemental and really interesting to talk to.

If you’re thinking, I want to be like that, then as a start check these two articles: 

Opening Your Mind

Opening Your Heart

P.S. I don’t always get it right myself, sometimes seeing the bigger picture is hard to do but we can only get better at it.

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  1. Susan Erlich

    Thank you for your insights. Very kind of you. Yes fascinating how I randomly found this and now we have more pieces to the puzzle


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