Sleep Meditation - Helping you to drift off to sleep gently and naturally

Drift Off To Sleep Naturally With

My ‘Deep Sleep’ Meditation

A 30 minute long  ‘Deep Sleep’ meditation.

Unlike my other meditations, this one has no ‘call-back’ at the end to return you to wakefulness. This means you can drift off to sleep while listening to it

Just make sure it’s not added to a playlist or set up so that the next track to play jolts you nastily out of your comfortable sleepy bliss.


Ideally, it is designed to be listened to last thing at night, or should you wake and be unable to get back to sleep (preferably cosy and warm snuggled up in your bed).

Price: £7.99

I have never meditated before. I honestly thought ‘Asleep!? Yeah right.” However, to my shock, It was so relaxing that I did actually fall asleep, which I did not expect. I did the activity at 5 in the evening and what I loved about it was how relaxing it was. I was honestly able to clear my mind of chaos and thoughts but what I really loved was feeling energised and calm almost immediately afterwards and into the evening. Thanks Helen

Nikki Moore

Network marketing professional

We both used the ‘Deep Sleep’ meditation last night. Micky normally tosses and turns for ages, but he went off to sleep within 5 mins … which is a first. Thank you. Xx 

Lorraine Williams