Resources For A Better Night's Sleep - What To Do & Why

Ideally, don’t fall asleep on the sofa while reading. At least it was a book on sleep, right? Hx

Tired of Being Tired?

Are You Surviving On Just A Few Hours Sleep A Night?


Is it time to make a better night's sleep a priority?

Sleep is the number one most important aspect of self-care, replenishing your energy, and of ensuring you're at your optimum.

Insufficient, short sleep, or poor quality and disrupted sleep can all impact on your every day life, current and future health, cognitive performance, focus, emotional intelligence, and even your sex life.

We need great sleep in order to be healthy, happy, emotionally intelligent, focussed, creative, problem-solve and so that we are fully-fuelled to truly fulfil our purpose in life.

Are you ready to get a better night's sleep?

Find out more in my collection of blogs on the topic.

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Why Do We Need 8 Hours of Sleep A Night?

Why Do We Need 8 Hours of Sleep A Night?

Not everyone gets enough hours of sleep a night. I believe it's time to re-focus on the importance of getting enough good quality sleep. Over 30 years of sleep research has produced a huge amount of data around what happens when we do and don't get enough sleep, and...

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How Important Is Sleep To Your Success?

How Important Is Sleep To Your Success?

Basically, sleep is the best life hack in order to be successful, happy and healthy! Any professional, working person needs certain attributes in order to be successful. These include: Focus Motivation Ability to build rapport Health Energy Resilience, Creativity...

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Top Tips – How To Get A Better Night’s Sleep

Top Tips – How To Get A Better Night’s Sleep

Over 30 years of sleep research shows just how important it is for our: wellbeing, emotional intelligence, brain function, immune system, long term health and so much more. After giving a talk on how important sleep is, I had a conversation with a guy who had spent...

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top tips for a better nights sleep

Drift Off To Sleep Naturally With

My 'Deep Sleep' Meditation

A 30 minute long  ‘Deep Sleep’ meditation.

Unlike my other meditations, this one has no 'call-back' at the end to return you to wakefulness. This means you can drift off to sleep while listening to it.

Just make sure it's not added to a playlist or set up so that the next track to play jolts you nastily out of your comfortable sleepy bliss.


Ideally, it is designed to be listened to last thing at night, or should you wake and be unable to get back to sleep. (Preferably cosy and warm snuggled up in your bed).

Price: £7.99

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