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Speaking With Confidence & Impact

Learn Tips & Techniques To Improve Your Presentations Online & In-Person
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More Than Just A Speaking Skills Workshop


Monday 17th May 2021

Online: 10am – 2pm 


Whenever you need to speak in order to get a message across, and possibly to influence others, you need to be able to present with both confidence and impact.

When you speak with confidence, you’re far more likely to be heard, to hold the attention of your audience, and to be taken seriously.

When you plan, prepare and practice, it helps you have more confidence that you know what you’re going to say when things go smoothly. And to stay calm in the more challenging situations.

But you still may have to overcome the nerves. What are the best ways to do that?

What we’ll cover in this workshop will help you to overcome the nerves, feel confident and present with impact whether you’re in front of one person, a small team, or a large audience. And whether you’re working in-person or online.

With over 20 years experience of running workshops, trainings, and events, and speaking in front of audiences from 6 to 1600, I’ll share my best tips, backed by research as well as my own anecdotal evidence.