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What Is A Spiritual Coaching Approach?

The beauty of coaching is that it creates space for reflection, exploration and discovery.

I’ve found a spiritual approach allows that space to be more expansive, allowing not just for inner reflection,

but for all elements of the self and inspiration that seems to come from beyond our own conscious thinking.


I’ve taught and facilitated many aspects of spiritual development over the last 24 years, all of which are extremely rewarding.

The art of combining a spiritual approach with coaching, however, can produce truly magical transformations for clients.


Their reasons for coaching don’t have to be of a spiritual nature, although I find that those drawn to work with me

are likely to have an interest in spirituality. It is the method of facilitating the coaching, incorporating spiritual elements

that creates the energy and space for the client in a different way to traditional coaching.


Spiritual coaching recognises that we are more than just mind and body, it explores going beyond the ego –

the cognitive part of us. While it can be useful for all sorts of coaching intentions, I’ve worked with imposter syndrome

and low self-esteem for example, it absolutely lends itself to finding purpose and meaning in experiences and in life,

as well as heart-centred or purpose-aligned goalsetting.


One of the main differences with the spiritual approach to coaching is that it utilises expanded states of awareness to help find clarity, a wider perspective and alternative ways of knowing. This can often be the key to true transformation. I believe change has to happen not just at a cognitive level, but at a deeper, subconscious level. Altered states of awareness can help to facilitate this. This quote from the Developmental Biologist Bruce Lipton, expresses it beautifully, “If we could get your subconscious mind to agree with your conscious mind about being happy, that’s when your positive thoughts work.”


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