Navigating Your Spiritual Path By Sensing Energy as Signposts

For as long as I can remember I have been on my spiritual path or journey. And for at least that long I have also sensed energy. Whether it was the energy of a:

  • person,
  • room, object,
  • or something larger like a building or landscape.

I’d know if a place felt sad or happy. I’d know what happened there recently, or maybe in the past. Some places had layers of history and feelings. And I could sense the energy of people who had previously been there, or remained there long after their passing over to the next world.

sensing spiritual energy at avebury

One of my own pics of Avebury

Sensing Energy Helped Me Find My Spiritual Path

The first time I went to Avebury in Wiltshire was incredible.

It is an amazing village within a standing stone circle, with an avenue of stones creating a physical spiritual path between the circle and burial mounds close by. Plus the peculiar Silbury Hill. To be able to walk amongst the stones and touch them was profound, intense, and peaceful all at once.  (You can find out more about Avebury, a UNESCO World Heritage site here, I would highly recommend a visit.)

Places in Cornwall, Scotland, Ireland, Shropshire, and many more, as well as a collection of different buildings and places of worship have all held a sense of wonder for me as I could feel a deep spiritual energy emanating from them. These feelings encouraged me to research, ask questions and form my own beliefs along the way. They were like signposts on my spiritual path.

The Path Heading East

When I went to Japan I felt excited at the anticipation of what the shrines, temples and landscape would hold for me. What would I feel? What would I sense? How much of a spiritual journey would this take me on?

The answer? With the exception of one very old shrine where I could definitely hear the whispers of the past … nothing, rien, nada! I was very surprised.

Maybe I just didn’t connect with the energy here?

But I had learnt and studied Reiki, felt an affinity with Buddhism and even studied martial arts in my younger days. How could there be nothing here compared with what I get from home? Is it because it is home? Hm… not sure, usually familiarity breeds contempt, right? And it’s the unusual, the thing we’re not used to, that sparks something within us, isn’t it? It’s the difference, or the change that we sense most strongly, surely? Anyway, I’d had a sense of something in Greece at one of the acropolis ruins I had visited, so it couldn’t just be that.

As I write this, I am in Thailand. The huge Golden Buddha in Bangkok was incredible. The even larger Reclining Buddha was awe inspiring. The myriad of temples and shrines that exist at almost every turn, what do they do for me? They are beautiful, they are works of art, and they fascinate me just like those in Japan. But again, in terms of my feeling a deep spiritual connection or an energy of the divine from them? Nothing. I am intrigued by this.

taking a rest on the spiritual path

Am I On The Wrong Path?

So I’m wondering what you think. I have a few theories, you may have more, and I would love to hear them. Could it be that:

a) I simply don’t resonate with the Eastern / Buddhist beliefs in the same way as I resonate with the ancient energy of my place of birth and family connections?

Maybe, but I can sense the energy of Reiki, Shiatsu, Acupuncture, and Tai Chi. Isn’t energy just energy whatever you call it and wherever it is?

Or is it that:

b) In the West, certainly in the U.K. our spiritual places are very much defined and not always integrated in to our every day lives. We go to someone’s home, then we got to a place of worship and they feel different. I go to a public park with beautiful scenery, then I go to an ancient site, and they feel different. That difference is what allows me to distinguish between the energies. Whereas, in the East where there are shrines and altars and places of devotion, almost literally on every street corner, in every home and / or garden, perhaps their faith, their spiritual energy is so established and integrated into the everyday, there is no differentiation.

I am inclined to the second answer here.

Maybe it is good for us that we need to seek out our spiritual path. That we need to find our own personal places of spiritual energy and power. Significant that we need to re-connect with our own personal magic both inside and outside of us. There is power in this process. It means we have to discern between what feels right for us to believe and what others look to tell us is the truth. We have to question, and experience, and make mistakes to find our way and discover what makes sense to us.

I’m not suggesting that being born in to a faith and believing in it is wrong. If it feels right for you then that’s good. But if

  • you’re drawn to seek something more,
  • your faith and belief systems don’t serve you,
  • if they crush your spirit,
  • or if you cannot feel the beautiful, powerful essence of the universe through them,

then maybe you need to go on a journey.

Maybe you need to seek a more spiritual path, to find the thing, the place or the people that help you to reconnect with the divine; with the thing that gives you purpose.

I have a series of blogs about ‘Connection to Source’ which start here. 

Where do these questions and thoughts take you? I would love to know. They are just mine based on my own feelings and observations. Right now they are the truth for me, they may not be for you and that’s fine. I hope that they help you to find, or accept, or connect with your own truth and maybe that they help you to navigate your spiritual path.

Helen Leathers

Transformational Women's Coach, Trainer, Speaker & Author

Combining a spiritual outlook, a pragmatic approach, and a sense of humour I want to help you remember who YOU are and reveal YOUR path so you can step on to it empowered, energised, inspired and guided.

What are your thoughts or questions? Let me know below


  1. Jody Southee

    Hi Helen,
    I have just stumbled across this page after typing into Google ‘how to tap into your psychic abilities’ and ur ‘3 easy tips’ article was the first one I clicked on. I’m not 100% sure if I have physic abilities however just in the last couple of years I’ve picked up on extremely strong… gut feelings u could call them, that i think have always been there but I’ve not listened to or didn’t really know what they were? Then about 8 months ago a friend of mine suggested I see her friend who does reiki because of a lot of negativity i was experiencing, the lady actually told me she had to remove an entity from me that had been with me since I was a child and had started out as a protector of sorts, however over the years had grown to where it was taking over control. She also told me that I had strong psychic abilities however I wasn’t listening to them so I needed to start listening. Not long after, I woke up from a dream in the middle of the night which felt so real i had to go out onto my back balcony to make sure there wasn’t a car accident on the motorway behind my house…there was not. However about 3 or 4 weeks later at 1.27 am i awoke to the exact same sound of screeching tyres and screams from a woman calling out to her crying little girl from my dream. The whole scene unfolded exactly as my dream had. I haven’t had any other experiences like it again however I have noticed that as soon as i meet a person I can feel (you call it their energy?) a gut feeling? About them and i can tell if they have ill intentions or if they are honest and i can also tell somehow if they are really sad or other feelings they may have. Generally i sort of just know, that something significant is happening in their lives.
    I just was kinda hoping that maybe u could tell me Helen, if what I am experiencing actually is psychic of some sort or if I’m somehow, making stuff up or something??

    Deep down I do feel that I am somehow spiritually aware however i would really like ur opinion as to whether or not u feel I am on the right track or not?

    Thankyou for taking the time to read my comment as I’m sure u are very busy, and i look forward to ur reply.

    Ps. I am really enjoying ur articles so far and am going out to purchase a pendulum tomo so i can start practicing dowsing! 🙂

    • helen

      Hi Jody, thanks for our message. I believe everyone has a degree of ‘knowing’ and also that everyone can develop if they wish to or getting a calling to do so. I have written something about it here you might like to read In terms of are you making it up? If you dream something and then it happens, i would say you are not. But I understand your confusion (by the way, confusion keeps us humble which is a valuable trait I would rather have over arrogance!) Again can I point you towards this article which may address some things. I have many many articles on here now, so there may be more to help you, but these two spring to mind. I’m glad you like my work, and I hope that it can help you in whatever direction you decide, or are guided to take next. Bright blessings Helen

  2. Ashley Knibb

    Nice post, thank you Helen.
    I know exactly what you mean though. It first took me a while to accept that I may be on a spiritual journey of any kind as I looked into the lesser known world of the paranormal.
    However it took a few interesting events and experiences let’s say to spark my own realisation of my journey which was actually there all the time.
    The places and people and information that resonated with me were unexpected and certainly didn’t match what I would consider a spiritual path. Still dig a little deeper and beneath the surface there were great spiritual implications.
    Sometimes a place of worship isn’t always a spiritual place to some. For example my greatest spiritual place has not been touched or built upon by man at all, it’s simply a wood or a Forrest. Where as a church couldn’t feel further away from being spiritual. Although the ancient temples of Egypt did have a great connection for me.

    • helen

      Thanks Ashley, yes i am the same, places in nature have much more of a Draw for me too, plus standing stones. But i can feel spirotual energy in some places that are man made. Sometimes energy feels yucky too and i don’t want to be there! Whatever the feeling it gives you, i do beleive it is a pointer to help you on your way


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