Time & Energy Secrets For Busy Women

Juggling your time, Running low on patience, snappy, irritable, feeling guilty, no-one is helping, overwhelmed, don't know where to start.....

I want to give you the skills you need to change this completely

This is time management, but not as you know it.

Traditional ‘time management’ is often taught as a very masculine process, and us women are a little different from men, right?

You will leave this workshop with a new philosophy on time management, and a fresh outlook on how to get things done.

  • We’ll work on procrastination and why it might sometimes be a good thing.
  • We’ll go through managing other people’s expectations and putting boundaries in place.
  • You’ll discover exactly how to summon up the energy and enthusiasm to do things that have to be done now.
  • And we’ll target the areas you need help in most, and get you on the road to more time, energy, and happiness (while getting a lot of stuff done along the way).

“Today my life has been revolutionised by Helen Leather’s Time and Energy Management Workshop. It made perfect sense to me to discover many tools I’ve tried and failed with are very male in nature. It feels like Helen has given me the missing piece I’ve been trying to find for years! All the projects I’ve had on my mind or felt too big to start, are now out of my mind and outlined on my new app and ready for me to start actioning them -with dates and timings scheduled.  I feel so much lighter with space in my head for once!

I highly recommend this organisational triumph of a workshop with Helen.

Romella Jones - ‘Create Family Calm’

This is more of a group V.I.P. day as we will tailor a lot of the work to your specific problems - that's why we keep the groups small too.

If you want to be added to the waiting list for the next workshop, please email helen@helenleathers.com