What Are The Benefits Of Meditation? I'm Really Too Busy!

Can’t Find The Time To Meditate?

Not Sure It’s For You Anyway?

Isn’t It All That Chanting Hippy Stuff?

The Benefits Of Meditation are so vast

So I would actually ask, can you afford not to make the time for meditation?

I know you’re probably busy, running around trying to multi-task and remember everything that there is to remember in your hectic schedule. I know you’re probably not doing too bad at juggling it all. Only failing occasionally along the way.

At least you didn’t forget to do that really important job.

You may also collapse into bed or in front of the telly each night wondering why you’re so exhausted and vowing tomorrow / next week / next month / next year / when they’re older (insert other here) it will be different.

Whether you are employed, running your own business, a stay at home parent or in any other situation I know that meditation can help you.

15 Minutes Meditation Time Is All It Takes And The Benefits Are Huge

‘I can’t afford 15 minutes’, ‘When do I get to sit down for that long’, ‘I never get any time for myself’, I would fall asleep if I stopped’. Any of these sound familiar?

There is a Zen saying that says:

“If you don’t have time to meditate for an hour everyday, you should meditate for two hours”

Here’s the thing… If you make the time for meditation you will find that you are;

  • more productive
  • more calm
  • less stressed
  • able to cope better
  • happier
  • sleeping better
  • more energised
  • less prone to catching colds etc.
  • more focussed
  • more creative
  • and much more!

If you could take 15 minutes out that then allowed you to;

  • finish you jobs quicker and more efficiently
  • go about your day with a happier, less stressed demeanour
  • get more done
  • care less about the stuff you didn’t get done!
  • enjoy your day more
  • be more motivated about life

How would that make you feel? I reckon it sounds like it might help improve things for some people.

Meditation Is Great For Being More Creative & Introspective

And if you’re seeking a more spiritual outlook on life, or to develop your intuitive side you’re on to a winner too because meditation is the number one sure fire way to get you on the right track there.

As I’ve said before, meditation isn’t hard, it’s easy.

Helen Leathers

Transformational Women's Coach, Trainer, Speaker & Author

Combining a spiritual outlook, a pragmatic approach, and a sense of humour I want to help you remember who YOU are and reveal YOUR path so you can step on to it empowered, energised, inspired and guided.

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  1. surender

    Nice sharing of the benefits of the meditations.
    thanks for sharing this..
    Meditation is especially beneficial for teenagers and pregnant women who are at high risk of facing depression.

    • helen

      Thanks for your comment, yes, i do believe teaching teenagers to meditate would make a huge difference to them given the changes and stress they go through, particularly with school, exams etc.

  2. Pregnancy Yoga @ Zurich

    Meditation is very beneficial for our brain. It will improve our memory power & concentration power as well as creativity. I really enjoyed this sharing. I am also doing meditation as well yoga with Ataia on a regular basis. Liked your great efforts.


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