What are you scared of?

Have you been scared off from doing something that could be brilliant?

I had a strange experience this week that I hadn’t had for a long time, and it got me thinking. It got me thinking about fear. Do you get scared? Do you experience fear? There are many situations where you might, some with good reason, some that are unique to you (maybe you have a phobia) and some for no apparent reason at all. Fear can be good in certain circumstances but it can hold you back in many others, and in life.
Scared? Not me!

I look back now and realise I was quite a scaredy cat as a child.

And maybe as an adult on occasion too. I experienced fear, maybe for reasons that are quite different to how you experienced fear but I experienced it nonetheless. I remember being scared that no-one would like me, scared of being bullied (although I never was, interesting), scared of not getting good grades at school. I remember that I was even scared when using a pedestrian crossing in case the driver that had pulled up suddenly flipped out and ran me down. I was scared of some of the spirit beings that I saw from such an early age (note, only of ‘some’ of them, interesting). And I remember having a chat with my mum at about 8 or 9 years old when I couldn’t sleep, about being scared of dying. That was an interesting conversation at such a young age as it started me on a road of discovery. My mum gave me a Doris Stokes book to read, and life suddenly became a lot less scary for me. Although I still worried about those drivers at the crossings!

A lot of years, personal development and spiritual growth later I studied NLP and became a practitioner and we talked a lot about fear and dealt with our own fears and phobias. I have since had the privilege of working with some friends and helping them to deal with phobias that have plagued them since childhood. What a release for them, amazing!

What I wanted you to think about today was what are you fearful of, that you don’t need to be? Sometimes fear can be good, that’s why we have the ‘fight or flight response’, to get out of a dangerous situation. But does fear come up and bite you in the backside on an occasion where really, you could benefit from taking part in something, or taking action. Fear bites, and you stand down. How can you stop this happening? Let me share this with you. Fear is excitement turned inside out. The physiological reaction is caused by the exact same hormone, adrenaline.

Don’t get scared off, just do it!

Next time that you feel ‘fear’, tell yourself, or hear me saying, ‘that’s not fear, that’s excitement, let’s do this!’ Don’t think about it, just do it.

We’ve been a few times to ‘Go Ape’ where you get to climb in the trees and zoom down a zip wire from high up in the tree canopy. I can climb, I love it. I can balance, I trust the safety harness. But can I jump with the zipwire? Not if I hesitate! But if I tell myself, ‘that’s not fear, let’s do this’ and just jump, I can do it, and I love it.

Don’t let fear stop you from being the best version of you that you can possibly be. That’s not fear, it’s excitement, excellent, let’s go do this!

Bright Blessings, Helen.