Why Make Time to Develop Your Spiritual Side? Helen shares her thoughts
My spiritual beliefs, and strong connection to my intuitive or spiritual side have always provided me with a strong foundation throughout my life.

I’ve often gone after things because I had a deep sense of knowing that to do or achieve them was a part of my life plan.

It was another point on my journey.

Part of my belief system is that we’re here to live and experience a physical existence, but that we’re also here to remember our spiritual side.

I can be easily distracted and get carried away with the allure of new and exciting possibilities. In the past I’ve often thought I’d pursue something new. Then, when I stopped and thought about it, my instinct is not to do it. While I could have done it, it wasn’t part of the plan, or completely congruent with who I was.

I always know when I‘m on my path, and more importantly, when I’m not.

Does Being In Touch With Your Spirituality Go Out The Window When Things Get Tough?

When it’s small everyday stuff, especially where the risk is relatively minor, it’s fairly simple to tap in to this side: Take a step back, breathe, tune in, and ask yourself, ‘does this feel right?’.

It’s when things get bigger, decisions tougher, or when there’s more at risk that the challenges can start for some people.

  • Can you still trust your own judgement?
  • Can you still hear your inner voice?
  • Can you distinguish between the inner-knowing/feeling and the voice that is saying, ‘but what if?

You might be taking financial risks, emotional risks, or be worried about what other people will think of you. Then the fear kicks in. Your mind starts making stuff up and you start to feel scared.

As my very wise friend Barbara once said, there are no right or wrong decisions, only consequences. That is worth remembering.

(What If There’s A Global Pandemic? What Happens Then?)

By practising connecting and working with your spiritual side for the small, everyday decisions you will be more confident when it comes to the big ones. Actually sometimes your intuition can positively scream at you when the stakes are higher. I think the hardest part can often be justifying your actions to others, especially if they’re more rational-minded than intuition-led.

Staying in touch with your spiritual side is even more of a challenge when the situation appears out of your control: when life seems to be happening to you, or worse, throwing every obstacle it has at you, or when ‘bad’ things happen. Can you maintain your composure? Can you stay on track? Can you keep your connection with your inner self and remain congruent with your beliefs?

I feel very fortunate that my life is good. It is a positive, fulfilling experience, an adventure. I’ve not had the trauma or trials that many people face, but it’s not been without its moments. I’ve faced fairly major surgery twice, suffered injuries (although thankfully not life threatening ones) been through dark times, heartache, upheaval, divorce and intense loneliness. I’m pretty proud of how I’ve handled all of life’s challenges and I know that a lot of my success in dealing with them is down to knowing myself and my spiritual side so well.

Sometimes, my connection, my intuition, my beliefs have been so present that I’ve surprised myself with how strong I’ve been.

At other points my human side has been blatantly more apparent and ‘spiritual helen’ has ducked out of sight for a while (thankfully never for long). I’ve come to realise that it’s ok to experience these moments too.

Always, always, I’ve had a sense of knowing, if nothing else. Just the unfailing sense of knowing that I’ll be okay, no matter what. And I always am.

But What If I lose My Spiritual Side When Things Are Tough?

If you can keep your faith while dealing with difficulty that is a huge bonus. But if you fall to pieces, become and emotional wreck, do strange things, however briefly, you know what? That’s okay too. It’s what it means to be human. It what’s it means to experience such powerful emotions and to be in the moment. What is essential (for me at least) is that, at some point, preferably sooner, you pick yourself back up and get back on your path.

If you veer off the road in your car and end up in a ditch, you can’t stay there indefinitely. Sometimes you might need help to get out of the ditch; ask for and accept it. But eventually you have to get back on the road.

As Winston Churchill said

If you’re going through hell, keep going.

And I’d agree, for pity’s sake, don’t stop there! I hope that I can encourage you to get in touch with your spiritual side, whether it’s through meditation, yoga, exploring your creativity, debating and philosophising with friends or reading as many books as possible. It’s so worth it. And so are you.

Am I religious? No.

Do I have faith? Yes.

Absolute faith, in myself as a spiritual being on a journey of discovery, and in myself as a good human being. I am living a physical existence with all the emotions and experiences that come with it, and trying to do the best I can along the way. Developing my spiritual side came naturally to me. I feel fortunate that it did, and that I pursued it, connected with it, challenged it and embraced.

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