Why Should You Follow Your Intuition?

follow your intuitionTo Follow Your Intuition Can Be Magical!

Or it can be everyday, simple and mundane. I think you will be amazed at what can happen when you follow your intuition. It can help you in life, and in business decisions. To me, even the little things bring a smile to my face, because they prove once again that there is more to us, and to this world, than we can see, or even comprehend. It shows us that we are all connected, and that magic can happen, if we only believe. (Or trust our inner guidance system!)

Here are my top ten reasons to follow your intuition.

Just one of them might be enough for you to want to be more in touch with your intuition, but when you add them all up, you have to ask, why wouldn’t you want to live intuitively?

  1. The more you listen to your intuition – and follow its advice, the more it will talk to you. (Or the louder it becomes.) I don’t know why this happens, I guess it’s a bit like rewarding good behaviour in children or animals. If they know you like their good behaviour, the more of it they will do! Let your intuition know that you trust it, by doing it what it suggests and it will be so happy that it will want to give you nudges again and again.
  2. It saves you time and energy. Instead of weighing everything up, over thinking, putting off making that decision or doing something in particular, just do what your intuition says. Sometimes you just have to make a choice!
  3. When you are in the flow life becomes easier – again, I’m not entirely sure why, but it just does. I’ll be investigating the subject further another time!
  4. It’s so much fun. As you get in the flow, and things start to fall in to place, it can make you feel like its more of a game than anything else. The great news is the more fun it all seems (you know, life) the more brilliant things seems to happen.
  5. You can be a bit smug about it – yes, I just follow my intuition, and mostly everything just happens! Try not to be an arse about it though eh? No one likes arrogance!
  6. You can no longer kid yourself that its someone else’s fault. Yes, there are downsides to this – you may actually have to take responsibility for your life, but at least with intuition on your side, it will be easier (see point 3)
  7. Beautiful things can happen – when you are least expecting it the perfect moment, the perfect person, or the perfect scenario will just appear – let’s call it magic!
  8. You worry and stress less because you know everything happens for a reason – even if you don’t realise it until later, you just are comfortable in knowing that it will be okay. Even when life throws you a curveball, with your personal intuitive beliefs in place, and knowing everything you know, you will handle it in a more mature, philosophical way. That doesn’t mean you won’t feel painful emotions, but you will be able to work through things more easily.
  9. You become lucky – or at least that’s how others will perceive it. The thing about ‘lucky’ people is that they attract more ‘luck’. There’s been some great research done on this so I will introduce more on this in another post.
  10. Happiness is inevitable! Given all of these benefits, you can’t help but be happy!

I’d love to hear your stories of times when you have found that to follow you intuition has meant success, triumph over adversity, or just silly little things that some might call coincidences have occurred. You can share them on my facebook page. They are all wins as far as I am concerned. Get in touch with your intuition (use your common sense too) and who knows what might happen?