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A Reiki Treatment Is So Much More Than ‘Healing’ A Condition

I was talking to one of my wonderful friends and Reiki students about how we see Reiki, what it can do for people, and why we think people should not only have a Reiki treatment but learn how to do it for themselves.  She agreed to share a bit of her experience with you all.

Deb came for Reiki treatments and then went on to study Reiki 1 and 2 with me. She learnt it for her own personal benefit and development and still uses it for herself. She also receives Reiki treatments from another of my Reiki students. (She also makes me blush with her kind words!) Here are Deb’s thoughts on ‘What Is Reiki?’

“If you believe that a Reiki treatment is only about healing physical problems then you’ll have to think again.

I have been blessed by the universe in having an amazing friend who is a Reiki Master, Helen Leathers; who is not only the sort of friend that everyone should have; but is also a talented, intuitive, strong and highly practical woman. 

My first encounter with Reiki was with Helen. I went into the Reiki treatment with an open mind, not knowing how I would feel, or what was going to happen. I had an idea that during the sessions Helen would ‘sense’ where there were potential health issues and that at the end of the session she would say, ‘You’ve got a sore knee’ or ‘You need to get your left shoulder checked’.

This is not what happened at all. I came away from those sessions feeling completely relaxed, I likened the sensation, which grew stronger with each passing day, to finding myself walking along an invisible wooden pathway, and that this pathway was raised above water that contained all the worries that life throws at you. 

Somehow I had been given the clarity of mind to view problems from a distance and deal with them accordingly. I didn’t expect that from Reiki at all, and happily I didn’t have a sore knee, nor did I need to get anything checked!

For me Reiki had been a gentle storm; a spiritual spring clean

Reiki is a strong broom, sweeping away anything that was blocking me from fulfilling my true potential. It’s a powerful duster, cleaning windows into my deepest thought processes, which, once the windows were clear, have enabled me to look at any problems, fears or guilt squarely in the face.

But Reiki didn’t just give me the ability to see these things, it released my inner strength too. The strength I needed to face those fears and blockages and to get rid of them. My 9 year old niece would say that Reiki is ‘amazeballs’ and she would be so right. It is.

On a personal level Reiki has released me from the guilt I used to feel if I didn’t get things done at the same pace as the agendas that others had for me.

I can now happily say

‘I am the rock that people I love and care about can rest on for a little while longer because they need to’.

Because I am the rock that they lean on; it’s my role at the moment; and I’m doing it really really well. Reiki has also released me from feeling that I’m not quite good enough to be successful; I have plans, great plans, and they can wait a little bit longer because I’m needed elsewhere just now; but I am good enough to succeed when it’s time to do it.

As I am typing this I’m smiling because a) It sounds as though I’m blowing my own trumpet, and b) I am happy.  It’s the ‘me’ that Reiki has freed who is typing these words. I don’t apologise anymore, either literally, but more importantly, internally. I used to wake up in the middle of the night worrying that I hadn’t done ‘this’ or ‘that’ yet; not any more.

So for those people who aren’t sure about whether they ‘need’ a Reiki treatment, try it, and prepare to be amazed at what it releases.

Reiki is gentle, Reiki is powerful and above all else, Reiki is a delightful surprise.

I don’t think there is anything in the world that has such a softly profound impact on you; and all you have to do is lay down and listen to some lovely music and relax.”


Thank you to Deb for sharing her experience of Reiki – what a beautiful description!

If you’re considering learning Reiki I’d love to be a part of your journey.

For more information about my courses simply click on the button below. You’ll find a video from me introducing Reiki, and the various options you have for learning it with me.


*Note: ‘Healing’ is not related to any claim to cure, treat or diagnose any medical condition. You can find out more about What Reiki Is here.

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