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Do You Struggle With Boundaries?

Do some people or activities drain your energy?

The workshop is about boundaries on every level – practical, emotional, spiritual, energetic. So if you’re empathic, take on too much, need some practice saying no, get drained by others and don’t know how to make things better for you – this is the workshop for you! 

This workshop will help you to;

  • Understand your own boundaries and where they are good, or not!

  • Develop an understanding of your energy on a physical and esoteric level

  • Get to grips with how to manage your energy in situations or with people who drain you

  • Learn key phrases and language that will help you to say ‘no’ and put positive boundaries in place

  • Reclaim situations where you feel out of control
  • Feel powerful and in control without losing your kindness and empathy
  • Be less affected by the energy and emotions of others
  • See how boundaries protect and serve others as well as yourself

As Brene Brown says, ‘the most compassionate people (I have interviewed over the last 13 years) were absolutely the most boundaried’. It isn’t selfish and it doesn’t make us mean to take control of our own space and how people are with us.  

24th January 2020 9.30 am -3.00 pm

Leamington Spa area – venue to be confirmed

The last workshop sold out in 5 days so if you need some of these skills in your life, book your place now.

Midlands Coaching Conference 2020


The  Midlands Coaching Conference 2019 was a resounding success so we are preparing for the next one.

Join us for an exciting day of workshops designed to help you learn new approaches, develop as a coach and grow your coaching business.

Save The Date: 13th May 2020

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